40m France

Does anyone know if 7.1 - 7.2Mhz is available in France yet ?.

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7.1 - 7.2 MHz Still not allocated to the amateur service as a primary user in France according to the IARU website :frowning:

I am not sure what secondary, or indeed any, allocation is available there.

In IARU Region 1 this should have become a primary amateur allocation last weekend, but some administrations tend to drag their feet.


Mark G0VOF

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Thanks, I could not find much information on it.
Hopefully it will be available soon.
Nigel. G6SFP

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I raised this question with F2YT in a QSO a couple of days ago, and he informed me that the 7.1 to 7.2 MHz segment will hopefully become available in France at the end of April.
73 de Ken

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Hello gentlement
we agreed to take this segment of tape, but as always in France the government has its slowness! so that we can officially use the tape, it must appear that the decree in the Official Gazette.
many Ham hearth other European countries on this portion of tape, thought we had access automatically! ah Europe and its contradictions!!!
Indeed we should be able to reach the end of April!
best regards
73’s QRO

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Thank you for the information Lionel. I am glad that you will have access to the extended 40m band by the end of April.

Merci de l’information Lionel. Je suis heureux que vous ayez accès à la bande prolongée de 40m vers la fin d’avril.


Mark G0VOF