WOW another level reached I am glad to say as pipped the 40k today and award ordered up.

Seems to me of late in past few months one is working MORE European Sota,s on the higher bands than 40m as in 20M to 10M in SSB modes and certainly hearing more and working MORE GW Sotas. And further afield out side Europe will be good as the cycle climbs.

But is it me or is there a decline in Scottish Sota,s of late not so active as in past year, could be way 40m is running of late as its open more during day time and distance are shorter as am way down in the SW of the UK and is harder to hear them.

80m UK Sotas certainly way down on last year since higher bands are better. Just one of those things as in swings and roundabouts of the conditions.

Bring on the 50K



Sorry Karl, I’ve been in EA8 :rofl:

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement and thanks for all the QSO’s.


Karl the answer is very simple from my point of view and I explained it just over 2 years ago…

We’re on the way to the next Solar Maximum and having missed some in the past when I was less HF oriented then I don’t want to miss any more. So for some time I have been concentrating on 28/24/21MHz first. It’s Winter up here and is noticeably colder and darker than down in Kernow. That means there is less time for activations. I want the higher HF bands and so the lower HF bands get missed out. It bugs me because I cannot work my long time chasers on the lower bands.

I was very pleased that Paul MM0SNA did 20 and 40m last Sunday when we were out as it meant “locals” could work the summit whilst I went to the dizzying heights of 28.062, 24.906 and 21.062 :slight_smile: I’ve not seen Simon GM4JXP out for a while, I think he has injured his knee, Fraser has been in foreign parts and Gavin GM0GAV has not been out much (I guess he’s work busy). There are some newer GM activators in recent times, 2M0PVP and MM7MOX to name 2 local to me. They too may be playing on the higher bands however.


I’ve been on higher bands - changing antenna lengths can be a challenge when your fingers turn into clubs. :wink: Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you!

My snow hole digging is coming along a treat though…[GM/SS-052 last month]



…. and I think a side effect is rather more D layer absorption so there is less inter G on 80, but I think the extra activity from the sun makes the higher bands shorter skip…

I’ve stopped taking my 80m linked dipole out and I probably need to redo one to include 10m…

Finally congratulations Karl, you and Don seem to appear in my log on almost every activation all the chasing from the SW is much appreciated.



I’ll try and get your call correct next time Alan :wink:

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That is exactly the dilema with high sfi and great band conditions. I love QSO’s with the ‘locals’ on 40 m but it is great fun chucking up a 10 m vertical and qualifying summits that way too. In the colder weather and shorter days there isn’t always time for both.

That all said, it felt like summer today as we were walking into Ballater to watch the rugby at the pub. Scotland v Wales. :scotland::scotland:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Ill be out monday Karl and on 40 ssb. Look forward to working you.

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I have been out on a few GM/SS summits recently but have been moving around the bands. Most of my QSO’s to date have been 2m FM whilst learning how to do SOTA. I am now branching out into HF bands as well. Today for example I had QSO’s on 2m, 15m, 40m and a first for me was a pair of S2S on 17m.
I have plans for more summits in the Spring and Summer in GM/NS, GM/WS and GM/SI. (When the weather is more suitable for motorcycling to the start of the walk).
I will admit that as a relative newcomer I’m wary of some of the pile-ups I’ve heard on 40m. I’ve also noticed that the conditions on 40m have been quite variable lately with quite a bit of fading.
I’ll try and keep the Scottish summits active !


“I’ll try and get your call correct next time Alan :wink:
ha ha - you can imagine how much fun I had trying to write that one the other day!!

@2E0FEH - Karl - very well done on amassing all these points - you were in the log on my first summit and often since, so thanks for all the support. :clap:


Fear not, Karl, we’re all still here! Ditto to what has been said above which is dead right. I’ll be out again this week though, WX, health and band condx permitting, so hope to work you sometime then (not done so since mid-November). 73 Mike


Congrats, Karl!

Bless, thanks for all the answer guys, now made a good contact on 2m SSB using me newly built Death ray that’s a 11el octagon quad beam FW of course and first time used reached a station in Scotland for first time. Mind you having a less deaf 847D might help also now she’s been repaired.

Good bit is I can hear more Scottish of late on 20m especially during summer months. Plus I also do a personal Scottish WAB tracker for 00 to 99 WAB squares called the WAB Scottish Dec, its a yearly thing on where you collect SCOTTISH squares only for the year. Not sure how many actually do it, but been on a roll for past nearly 8 years and on a high plain of certificate. But the ball must keep a rolling.

Thanks again guys Scottish Sota is still alive and well.