400 Unique Activations

Plenty of folk ahead of me… but I just spotted that today I reached 400 unique activations. Always liked a nice round number.



Nice! Congrats. I like the quest for SOTA Goat, but I almost like the peakbagging aspect of SOTA as much as the point chasing. One of my favorite non-climbing activities is to browse the SOTL.AS site and filter “not activated by” and see where to go next, as well as to read beta from climbers… It is interesting to compare different metrics outside mere points, and “uniques” is one metric that conveys experience IMHO. Awesome work on the 400 though, round numbers are satisfying.

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Well done Gerald

Thought of you yesterday as I activated my summit and a possible s2s…you were a little too far away even for Cadair :rofl::rofl:.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Sounds like you are a bit OCD like your namesake! :grinning:


@KM3A indeed! Once I got my 1000 activator points uniques became much more of a focus for me. I’m aiming for all of G and GW, maybe GD, GU and GJ as well. I’ll never finish GM.

@GW4VPX yeah… even pushing out 40W I’d struggle to make Cadair! Too much in the way. I made one contact into South Wales.

@G4OIG ha ha… I do like a good list…