40 miles, 2 summits, 15 hours

Firstly, to those who do not know me a brief introduction. I first became interested in amateur radio through the scout movement after attending numerous JOTA’s (jamboree on the air). I took my foundation test in the January of 2003 and became licenced as M3CKN at the age of 12. I became interested in SOTA almost immediatley. After a year of activity I skipped the intermediate licence and went straight onto the full. This was just before this rule was changed stopping people doing this. Also the morse code element of the full licence had just been dropped HI. I passed the test and became licenced as M0SJJ in the April of 2004 at the age of 14.

After another year of activity I ceased frequent radio operation to concentrate on my school studies. I did well in my GCSE exams gaining four B’s, three A’s and one A*, and after making the transition into college I once again became actively involved in amateur radio and SOTA. I am now 17 years old and coming to the end of my first year at college.

Activation Log - Thursday 7th June 2007

0600 UTC
Alarm went off and I woke to a bright morning. I had packed my bag the night before which after getting myself ready bought me more time to eat breakfast and copy some songs onto my MP3 player.

0630 UTC
I had decided the night before to give Mum’s taxi company a rest and attempt to cycle to the summits I intended to activate (G/LD-013 and G/LD-048). So with my hiking backpack on my back I set off from my home QTH in Barrow-in-Furness on my mountain bike. I followed the main road into Dalton-in-Furness and joined the A590 shortly afterwards. I followed the A590 through Ulverston and turned left at Greenodd onto the A5092. After passing Spark Bridge I turned right onto the A5084 and followed this until Torver, level with the middle of Coniston Water. Here I joined the A593 and followed this until I reached Coniston. After passing a small Methodist church on my left, I turned left and continued along the road until the turn off for Walna Scar.

0920 UTC
After cycling approx. 20 miles I locked my bike at the base of Walna Scar road as it is incredibly steep to start with. A quick ddrink and a jaffa cake or two later and I set off up the road towards the car park, being passed by several mini vans which seemed to be struggling with the gradient. When I reached the car park I continued west along the bridleway until I joined a path to the summit, marked by writing on the smoothened side a large boulder next a marked off quarry approach. This route overlooked the disused quarry when part of the way up, and spiraled me north west around the summit slightly whilst gaining height.

1102 UTC
Reached the summit of G/LD-013 Old Man of Coniston. By this point the sun was out and the views were spectacular. There was quite a lot of activity in the bug department on the summit though, but I managed to find a spot in the shade behind the summit shelter to operate from. After eating my lunch I set up the station with consisted of Yaesu FT-290R (with a Mutek front end for those of you who know your 290’s) running 2.5W powered by a ‘power tank’ 12V DC battery on 2m FM. Antenna was the 290’s own mobile whip that pulls out of the front end to keep things simple. 18 contacts followed, the first logged at 1113 UTC and the last at 1215 UTC. Many thanks to G4RQJ, G6LKB, G3OWO, M0AAS, GW0DSP, GW1LDY, MW0IDX/m, G3OKA, GW7AAV, GW4BVE, GW7SBO, 2E0GYO, G4BLH, 2E0ODY, 2E0HJD, G1LAT and G4CPA.

1400 UTC
Arrived back at my bike having followed the same route down. Cycled back into Coniston and briefly joined the B5285 as it took me round the head of Coniston Water. Then turned off onto the road running down the east side of Coniston Water and followed this all the way down the length of the Water until I reached High Nibthwaite.

1500 UTC
Started up the bridle way to the right of the phone box in High Nibthwaite. This bridleway is just about suitable for walkers, mountainbikes, motorbikes and 4x4’s so I didn’t get off my bike. I followed the bridleway as it back tracked north parallel with Coniston Water, until a footpath was signposted to the right leading to the summit.

1605 UTC
Locked my bike up around the footpath sign, and set off on the short walk along the footpath up to the summit.

1615 UTC
Reached the summit of G/LD-048 Top o’ Selside. Sun was still shing bright and 360 degree view still visible, but there was a comforting cool breeze over the summit which made operating easier. After texting Mum and eating the remainder of my food I set the station up using the same set up as before. 9 contacts this time with the first logged at 1623 UTC and the last at 1644 UTC. The highlight was a summit to summit with Mike GW0DSP/P on GW/NW-062, a big thanks to 2E0EDX, G7WAW, G0PZO, G3OWO, G4ZRP, G6LKB, GW4EVX and M3ULV/m aswell.

1745 UTC
Arrived back at the start of the bridle way at High Nibthwaite and followed the road until Lowick bridge where I crossed the A5084.

1802 UTC
Stopped off at the Red Lion pub in Lowick for a pint of Coke and a slice of apple pie with cream. Was rather hungry at thsi point so the apple pie didn’t last long.

1824 UTC
Left the pub and got back on my bike heading for home. Followed the route of the famous Keswick to Barrow race on the way abck to Barrow. I know the route off my heart as I have taken part in the race for the last three years.

2100 UTC
Arrived at home after approx. a 40 mile bike ride round trip and two summits.

Activation Summary:-

Summits: G/LD-013 and G/LD-048
Total number of contacts: 27
Total activator points gained: 9
Total chaser points given away: 153
Total chaser points recieved: 1

That’s all folks!

73 Sam M0SJJ

I suspect the rest of the story is to follow. Back to you Sam!

In reply to M1EYP:

Haha yes sorry about that folks, hit the post button accidentaly and spent quite a while ‘editing’ when I was really writing the report! Anyway enjoy.

In reply to M0SJJ:

I suspect another mountain goat in the making here. Anyone who can do two summits on top of the cycle ride is a pretty fit person. I wonder how long before you are doing three summits before before lunch and then wondering if there is time for another three before it gets dark?

Nice to catch you on Top o’Selside and sorry I missed you on the second summit. I will be listening for you in the future. Good luck.

Regards Steve GW7AAV