40 meter is dead in sw LA

I cannot receive any signals between 7.034 and 7.000.
Terrible condx in LA.
With hope for better propagation

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Lots of UK & PA stations into IO93 - presumably via sporadic E.

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The same here Mike at my QTH.
I have also checked several times all the antennas, coax ect … to see if there was something wrong. But no problem … everything ok.
Also terrible condx. here with weak and huge QSB signals @ my shack and QTH. (solar flux between ± 65-70)


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Hello Mike
You were weak but we did qso from F/PO-044.
40m was open on summit and most of signals were strong.
Best 73 and see from another sota.
Andre - f5ukl

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Yes, Andre - thanks for the QSO 16/07/09, we made it just before the band faded almost out in my QTH. You were s 2 (but full readable), so I had to call and work you with 600 watts ;-).
GW3TJE/p was the last one (539) at 10:18 UTC.
I did not here any other SOTA after 10:30 UTC.
Yesterday (17/7/09) was even worse, no SOTA received before 17:23 UTC (Z35M/p).
I cannot remember such bad condx on 40 in my 47 years as a ham.
And the sunspots don’t come. What is going on???

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Lots of UK & PA stations into IO93 - presumably via sporadic E.

Indeed! There was an absolutely huge Sporadic E opening on 6m yesterday covering most of Europe and beyond. Multi-hop also across to the USA / Caribbean.

Maybe activators should take a 6m antenna with them if their rig has the band.

Let’s hope things improve on 40m soon.

73, Gerald