40 m is magic

40 m is working incredibly well inter-G at the moment. Yesterday and today my logs (GM/SI-003 & GM/SI-145) are packed full of G, GM, GW, GI, EI stations. In fact, today was exclusively short skip with the exception of the redoubtable @F4WBN!

There’s no QRM and very little QSB. So, go get up a hill and give it a go!

GM/SI-003 from GM/SI-145


Yes - These short skip conditions are wonderful.

I have caught many activators in the vicinity. This gives me the opportunity to achieve a complete in my own activities … :grinning:

73 Armin


10m seems to be fun at the moment too. I managed to recently work PY.

73, Lea M0XPO


Great to catch you on the Ulva summit today Fraser. Thanks for sticking with my call when a certain “gentleman” announced his presence on the frequency. I won’t share my thoughts at the time!

73, Gerald


Gerald, I didn’t hear anything at my end, QRM wise. I thought you’d just dropped your mic. :rofl:

Great to have another QSO with you. That was a tough and rough little climb for a point though!

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QSO map. GM/SI-145. Courtesy of the Sota Mapping project.

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Today 30m was also working really well inter-G.


I love 40m, it is very effective while working POTA.
NVIS propagation is awesome for those close contacts.
20m is not always workable when operating down in a valley somewhere (POTA) but 40m will work.

Congrats on your success,


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