4 Uniques, 2 new firsts

I usually don’t share my activation reports on here but hey, why not? I went on a short camping trip over the Cascade mountains from my home qth to explore a new area and to also test out a new little camp trailer, graduating from tents for a while. I like hiking in most of the area because the ground is nice and soft, pine needles over pumice, its like hiking with cushion but usually no sinking unless there is no needles on top.
I started the day with Solomon Butte W7o/ce-116, then Applegate Butte W7O/CE-092 and finished with Little Applegate Butte W7O/CE-110. Applegate had one activation 5 years ago, it was a drive up, the others were pretty much about finding a good opening in big timber to start and try your best to avoid the brush. On the return back to camp we had a giant pine across the road and we had to go carefully offroad to get around it. Unfortunately despite good offroad tires a stob punctures the side wall coming back up the bank. We only took one spare, usually have 2 in this territory, so it was a change of plans for the next day. The following day I finished with another drive up at an active fire lookout to play it safe, Calimus Butte W70/CE-049. Sharon was very welcoming at the LO and gave us a tour.

Great activations for the most part. Japan was coming in well and a handful of s2s. Thanks for the chase!

de AG7GP


Thanks a lot for sharing, beautiful pictures!
73 Stephan

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Beautiful! I wouldn’t mind seeing some photos of your camping trailer set up.

My wife and I did some hiking in Oregon a few years back. Shame I wasn’t doing SOTA back then. Nevermind - it’s an excuse to go back.


We are used to rough roading it in the middle of nowhere so have been reluctant on trailers and how they would limit our trips. I found this small one that has decent clearance that we are giving a try. OR is a big state. If you make it to S.OR let me know! Pic is a bit wide angle

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Nice report, and photos, Amy. Fine adventures. I always enjoy chasing you.

Andy, N4LAG

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That looks just the job!

It was summer 2017. We were about 50 miles east of Bend. We drove up into the mountains to view the eclipse. Great times.

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Ah yes. The eclipse was my very first /P operation, only licensed about 3 months. Did it in Dallas OR, west of Salem. Come west of the Cascades for something other than desert :wink:.


Is that Broken Top Mtn in the sunset photo ?

Brian, its Union Peak, SW corner of CLNP.