4 Summits Video report

Hello SOTA Friends.
First i want you to thanks for QSO.
Really sorry for the others because i couldn’t stay long time on each summit.
I had to walk and climb a very long way.
First summit was so hard because really cold and chasers were sleeping …
So difficult to catch 8 friends: DL3HXX - HB9BIN - OE3CHC - F6FHO - SP2AOB - OM7OM - DL8DXL - OK4IT
The others summits were so nice under sunshine.
Video: F/MC-021 . F/MC-009 . F/MC-001 . F/MC-008 (Massif Central) - YouTube

Please don’t forget rating and thanks again to all
Roger - F5LKW

In reply to F5LKW:
very nice film of “Massif central” ! thank brother !!

Hello SOTA Friends.
After the movie, you can visit my album via:


Have a nice fun