4 more U Neeks coming up

Hugh and I are loading up the Mitsi again this week to head up the Flinders next weekend for 4 summits, will post the proper Alerts later so you don’t get too excited or the trip is changed. 1 Summit is way out in the sticks we are not even sure if any roads go by the range of hills so a closer 4 pointer may be selected to keep our scores as high as possible for all the effort . I hope it all goes to plan and maybe get you in the log.
cheers Ian vk5cz …

Hi Ian,
Any late afternoon activations planned? i.e. Long Path window to Europe - although cdx at the moment are pretty aweful.

73 Ed. DD5LP.

Make it 3 we can’t find a road within 20km of it I ain’t walking that far for 4 points.

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