4 Months to Shack Sloth Status

Hi all ,I joined SOTA about a year or two ago and never really did much at activating or chasing, but then last year i was at another event which involved climbing a local summit so i brought my radio along and activated on VHF 2M and then never did much until last November.
After that I started listening on HF for SOTA activations and started chasing ,so then I started looking and listening daily for activations and now just 4 months later have achieved Shack Sloth status . Also would like to thank Ian and Esther GI0AZA and GI0AZB for the encouragement and help .
Knowing that it takes a lot of time an effort by the activators to put these activations on for us to chase I would just like to thank everyone I have contacted to get to this milestone and look forward to working more calls and even getting out to do activations to help others get the status as well, Many thanks to all William 2I0WMN


Welcome to SOTA and congratulations on your Shack Sloth award William…enjoy.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Happy to have given you 2 of those points on 4 March William :wink:

Welcome to the hobby, hope to work you more during my visits to NI.

Thank you


Thanks Andy good to get you in the log when you were over

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Congratulations William on achieving Shack Sloth. Me and my dad Tom @M1EYP will be in GI and EI at the end of this month and start of next month (see further details here EI Logbook Keeping Requirements - On the Bands / Operating Procedures - SOTA Reflector). We will be activating some SOTA summits while over in GI and EI and hopefully work you on 2m FM from some SOTA summits there.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hi William,
Welcome aboard, and thank you for calling me on your way to slothdom!

Enjoy SOTA,


Ok thank you ,look forward to the contacts

Yes Adrian thank you as well ,3 contacts on 40M CW and Phone ,PS CW im only getting used to so its a bit scratchy lol

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Congratulations @2I0WMN William! It’s been great working you over the past few months, I always listen out for your call sign :grinning: thank you very much for being a top chaser! Looking forward to many more contacts and maybe a S2S soon? I’ll be over activating in GI land in less than a month, so we may work VHF then.

Take care and well done again!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Congratulations, William! Chasing is an addiction all its own! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

73 de Jonathan “JB”

Thank you

Hi Ben yes thank you for your activations ,will be good to listen for you on VHF,
Thanks William 2I0WMN 73

Thanks , it sure is
William 2I0WMN 73

Congratulations on achieving ‘Shack Sloth’, William! 73 John.

Thank you