4 first-time activations in 2 days

There are 6504 summits on the Norwegian mainland (excluding Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Bouvet Island). Many of these summits have not yet been activated for the first time. I activated four summits for the first time in two days.

Must take cover from the wind at Einunnfjellet

When the sign with the name of the mountain has blown apart, I realise that the weather at the top is harsh. A reindeer has shed its antlers, both male and female reindeer have antlers (shed annually).

I don’t know if this is common in other countries, but in Norway it is common for the local sports club or hiking association to set up a box on the cairn. In the box there is a notebook to write your name and there is often a prize for the person who has been to the top the most times during the year - and yes, this is now increasingly being taken over by mobile phone apps. Here I have attached the mast to such a box.

I had to seek shelter from the rain. On this top I got a fun S2S to EA6 with my good friend LB8CG, I would guess that he was both warmer and drier than me! :smile:

It’s hard on the equipment in heavy rain, I just confirm that my HT is not waterproof! Aprs works, but I can’t see the display.
Normally I will never get hold of anyone on the direct frequency of 145 MHz because there are few amateurs and a lot of mountains. I bring a handset because I use APRS and because I can get help if needed. There is an established interconnected simulcast system of 20-30 amateur radio repeaters (“Innlandsnettet” Map ) covering more than 52 000km²(!!!). I (Europe’s largest coverage on one repeater network???) I do not use InReach or similar, but very often I will have coverage via the simulcast network, when I do not have mobile coverage. It is my emergency solution should I need help.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management Team and Association Managers for a brilliant programme.
I would also like to thank the chasers and my activator colleagues, who have a great deal of patience with me every time I struggle with numbers and letters in the call signs due to dyslexia. I really appreciate every short conversation with each of you


Congratulations on these four summits and thanks for your post Knut.
In Spain there are also these boxes in some peaks.

73 de EA5INS