4 Band DIY CW TRX on the way

In the cold season I finally got around to further developing my DIY CW TRX.

Here are the key data:
-60m, 40m 30m and 20m CW
-5 watts out
-7.4V operating voltage for 2 LiPo cells
-Voltage, SWR and Power display
-CW memory
-One hand operation
-Reflective display suitable for sunshine

The TX is ready, now it goes to the receiver.
-4 band filters, one for each band
-Tayloe mixer
-Analog CW band filter

There is no comprehensive documentation yet. I will provide the circuit diagram and the source code.
I’m not thinking of a kit for sale, but maybe someone is interested to do the job?

Here is a video clip of the current status, unfortunately only in German so far.
73 Chris


Great! I am working on something similar :sunglasses:. Both the 2S supply and using just two LPFs for a 4-band rig thanks to the push-pull PA looks promising to me, too.

We may want to sync our work ;).

Which transistors are you using for your finals?

73 de Martin, DK3IT



Vy nice project. :+1: Especially the use of the 7.4V voltage is very praiseworthy. Especially useful for portable use. Can’t wait to see the circuit. And maybe a kit :innocent:


Why not? I use the good, old, cheap IRF510.
73 Chris