3rd Swiss Summit Activation Day this coming Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dear SOTA Chasers,

We now have firm plans to conduct the 3rd Swiss Summit Activation Day on this coming Saturday, June 10, 2017.

With this event we want once again to put as many Swiss SOTA stations on the air as we can. The weather forecast is looking very good for hiking into the mountains.

If you would like to see which hams have signed up to operate in which cantons, go to this activity’s Doodle link http://doodle.com/poll/tyn9xnyce7xn75ec or simply keep an eye on the alerts and spots.

At the time this note is being written, 20 activators have already registered their intention to participate, and it would be fantastic if we were able to put a summit in each and every canton on the air.

HB9SOTA offers an attractive award program for activators as well as chasers, which can be found here: HB9SOTA Award – HB9SOTA

I wish all of you success as you chase us on this latest Swiss Summit Activation Day and hope that you will hear my signal loud and clear from Rigi (HB/SZ-021).

Juerg Regli, HB9BIN
President, Swiss SOTA Group


I was not aware of this activity when I did my spontaneous activation of DM/BM-165. The more I was happy to log several S2S QSOs today with Swiss stations. Thanks for the QSOs to HB9FVF, HB9GKR, HB9DIZ, HB9GNI, and especially HB9BIN for organizing this nice event.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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There are always a myriad of other things to take my time on a Saturday but despite this I had the pleasure of working four Swiss activations. Conditions seemed good so I hope that everybody had a good time.

The presence of sooooo many HB9 stations made our day yesterday! The first 4 qsos of our first-time activation of Schachenkogel OE/SB-443 were S2S with HB9 stations only :grinning: and there were many more! Hopefully our OE SOTA activity day on September 9 will bring as many stations on the air as well!

Thanks a lot!
Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL

The combination of Swiss, Austrian & German activators saved a day that was too wet here for me to activate (and saw me pass the 500 chaser points mark)
Thanks all

Results of the 3rd Swiss Summit Activation Day

Dear Activators and Chasers,

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, good weather conditions allowed us to successfully conduct the 3rd Swiss Summit Activation Day with a record participation of 40 stations. The HB9SOTA Board of Directors extends its grateful thanks to all the operators who took part.

In total, 39 summits in 19 cantons and 1 summit abroad were put on the air by Swiss activators. Reviewing the SOTA database, we have determined that collectively these participating stations accounted for a total of 1593 activator QSOs and 625 chaser (S2S) QSOs.

The Swiss Summit Activation Day is also a great opportunity to add to your SOTA completes and work on HB9SOTA certificates. Next year the Swiss Summit Activation Day will be conducted again in the same timeframe, and the Board of Directors looks forward to another very busy day in the mountains.

Tom HB9DPR, HB9SOTA Awards Manager

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