30m CW / FT8 DX S2S event - Good Friday 19th April 2019

FT8 Chaser

I will around to chase on 10mhz FT8 & maybe other bands.
I have over the last couple of weeks been chasing a couple of FT8 Activators & failed. It would be a great help if I knew what their TX was. Tom always puts his on his alert which gives a start point to monitor from.


A very good point Don.

A basic spot might just say “10.132 data”…

…so in the comments line, something like:

“FT8 1288Hz TX even” is advisable.

At this stage looks like I may be a non starter. We have 20 mm rain, storms and hail forecast. Sounds like a UK weather forecast. Here we are still thinking we are in summer, was 33 C last week .

Might take a run out the radio club and do some chasing if my activation doesn’t happen.

But not looking good at the moment.


John VK6NU

A reminder for this event tomorrow morning UTC. Alerts now in double figures, which is pleasing. The focus is 30m band and FT8 / CW modes, but there will be stations participating on other bands and phone modes too, so hopefully something for everyone.

Good luck everyone, and fingers crossed for good propagation.

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I worked DK9JC/P on DM/RP-171 today who was testing out his gear.



I posted everything in Trans-Atlantic S2S Event - 20th April 2019 hope one can move my post to this thread… Thank you Don, @GW0PLP btw. :slight_smile:

And we’re off. Set and QRV on an absolutely gorgeous morning on The Cloud G/SP-015. QRZ…

Not a bad start. The customary SWL of 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-004, five on 30m CW, then another five on 30m FT8 - including S2S with YO6PIB/P on YO/EC-367 and a successful FT8 QSO with Ron VK3AFW.

I could hear VK3ARH/P on 30m CW but not well enough to work - hopefully later. I’ll stay on summit for a while yet, it’s a lovely morning.

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Same with VK3BYD/P on VK3/VE-178, but the other way round. Think I was too weak with him.

First DX S2S in the log though - a nice easy contact with VK1DA/P on VK2/ST-053. Then a QSO with Ian VK5CZ.

See what the next hour brings.

Hi Tom

I’m having loads on fun on 40m. Worked Mike and Herbert. Sunset just now here is a live photo.

IC-703 10 watts and a ZS6BKW antenna

Full report to follow. Thanks for organising the Easter S2S.

73 Andrew VK1AD


I’ve added a second DX S2S now with VK1CT on VK1/AC-042 and now working down many stations clg me on 10.136+1.356 FT8.

Unfortunately there are other stations on top of you also on even. I’m decoding you only half of the time :frowning: Maybe it will be better to move from the middle of the crowd.

73, YO8SEP

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Sun has set, last light with Mt Stromlo optical and lazer ranging telescopes in the foreground.


Hello Tom nice to make a QSO with you on 30m. Rig ft817 5 watts and my end fed random wire 51 foot long and a 12 foot ground radial tuned with the MT1 LC tuner. I was able to work all the vk activators with strong signals on 30m and 40m as well. I was hearing you very clear this end so glad you heard me as well. I was going to go out and activate but the land owner did not answer his phone so i had no permission for access.
Ian vk5cz .

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Try again now?

Chaser Report FT8

Up early this morning and straight onto 10mhz. My machine would not TX on FT8. One hour later I found the fault. I put out a CQ OC on FT8 & NH6Y BL10 Hawaii came back to me which was a nice surprise. I saw a few VK, ZL, but no Sota FT8 Activators. Later I switched to 14mhz FT8 & worked YO6PIB/P. I also worked OE9HRV/P & M0NOM/P 0n 40 & 80mtr SSB.


Great stuff Don. Hawaii - VFB!

Still going strong on FT8 here. Lots and of callers but no DX or S2S atm.

I will try some 2m FM shortly, and another session on 30m CW.

Been watching your pile up, Saw a 5T5PA a min ago CQ Zone 35 10mhz

A great session on 30m this afternoon.
I could hear the EU’s albeit a bit weak for some, so often squashed by more local stations.
But it was very good to get the 2 DL’s in the log.


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Wasted around 30 minutes with computer problems. Have to restart the PC every time I unplug the 3,5mm audio cable. Think I will use a USB soundcard again next time to avoid problems with the internal soundcard.

Could only either send or receive on FT8 and changed then from 30m FT8 to 20m SSB. When I started the whole band was empty and I did not expect too much.

Then KL7WG in Anchorage came back to my CQ. I was running 20W then.

At home I found out, that NH6Y in Hawaii heard me on 30m FT8 too. That is interesting, as I put out only a single CQ with only 5W.

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