3 x VK4 summits on 3/5/22 and a milestone

Today I activated three new uniques for me, vk4/se-045,*-039 and *-043. At around 600-700m these are 4 point summits in VK4 (though would be only 1 point in vk1).
The first required a 90 min drive from where I’m staying for a few days, followed by a 2km walk/climb up a pleasant trail surrounded by lush forest. The 2km walk too almost the same as the road trip to the trailhead, but at 0148 (11:48am) I made the first contact, with Warren VK3BYD on VK3/VE-178. About 16 more contacts around VK and a few into ZL followed.
Then after walking back to the car, eating some of the lunch in a cold pack there, I drove about 12 km north to Kluvers Lookout, ref VK4/SE-039. This is the site of a huge telecommunications installation, with power apparently from many solar panels, like about 40 or 50. I was concerned about the possibility of noise from the cooling systems but it was quiet and only a few spurious signals were heard on the HF bands I used (40/20/17). Surprisingly even at 0430 UTC I was able to make 7 EU contacts on CW 20m.

After 27 contacts on that site I packed up again and travelled 20km further north and about 10km westwards to a summit near Mt Byron. VK4/Se-043.

Arriving at about 5pm just on sunset I knew I had limited daylight left at this time of year. So I made a few quick contacts on 40m ssb with people I heard there, then messaged VK1AD to let him know I was at the third summit. After a few moments we had a contact in the log and I had also worked several vk3s. I went to 20m CW and found some of the European contacts from the previous summit were waiting for me, which was nice. Worked JA5QJX/0 for an S2S, thanks for listening so carefully, Yasu san. Finally VK4TJ and JH1MXV to finish the activation at 0747 in the dark, with only faint traces of sunlight to the west, then pack up with the head torch and then navigate out of the forest and down to Dayboro, then back to the Sunshine Coast. Sunset happens quickly at this latitude.

The milestone? The first activation today was my 500th activation. It’s been a little over 9 years and what fun it has been.

Many thanks to all the chasers and activators who shared this with me today.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Congratulations on your 500th activation, Andrew!

I just missed you on the third summit for the day, but managed the first two.

Pleased to have been part of the milestone activation and I dare say in your logs for a fair number of those along the way.

Again… well done!!!



Very well done Andrew!
Not any chance for me today to join on your festival, as I was early in the school today, but I am very glad to know you did well on your triple hike!

Your milestone? To be able to get on and having so much fun!
Many more to come, I hope. Always a pleasure to read you, and, whenever possible, to QSO with you.

Take care dear Andrew, and well done!
73 de Ignacio


Thanks Ignacio. Some time in the next 500 summits I’m sure we will have more contacts. It’s always great to hear and talk with you and Jorge EA2LU, who I worked on Sunday!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Thanks Col, we have made contacts on nearly all of my VK4 summits this year. Much appreciated. Without chasers those 500 activations would have been somewhat pointless :slight_smile: (Dad joke)
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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Congratulations Andrew on your milestone achievement of 500 activations. Thanks for the opportunity to chase new VK4 peaks.

You feature as my #1 top chased activator at 418 activations. I’ve missed a few :slightly_smiling_face:


73, Andrew VK1AD


Hi Andrew, On the 2/5/22 when we had the contact on 40m I was using the HyEndFed 130ft wire at 30ft the thing is it is in a U shaped configuration but it works well, 20m I use a Hexbeam at 35ft.
Sorry I missed you yesterday I did call but no propagation, 20m was bad here and congratulation on the 500th activations.
Terry de G0VWP

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Hi Terry,

The vk1 you worked on 2/5 was VK1AD, not me. This is a puzzle for many people who (understandably) mistake one of us for the other.

I did hear you calling me yesterday on 20m, but you were very low and only just over the noise. I wish we could have made the contact.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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