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3 weeks hike Main Beskid Trail & activations

Hi, All.

Starting 1st of August 2020 I will be hiking The Main Beskid Trail.

I will be enjoying the attempt with non-ham friends and the daily distances may be challenging at times (10h+ of hike, not counting breaks).

Even I am with companions, I will be trying to activate the summits on my route. As a principle I activate a summit only once, so after skipping the summits I had activated before, I am planning to get those on the air:
31.07 (prehike) any of SP/BS-020, SP/BS-031 or SP/BS-012
~5.08 SP/BS-013
~6.08 SP/BS-022
~7.08 SP/BS-025, SP/BS-023, SP/BS-009 - I may skip some, as I may be short of time
~8.08 SP/BS-011, SP/BS-014, SP/BS-016 - as above
~10.08 SP/BS-023
~11.08 SP/BS-007, SP/BZ-037
~14.08 SP/BZ-002, SP/BZ-001 - those summits are without trees, so it depends if I will carry a mast (extra 0.5kg, still scratching my head, whether to go for it…)
~15.08 SP/BZ-015, SP/BZ-027
~16.08 OM/ZA-023 (plus maybe skidding off for SP/BZ-003 if time permits)
~18.08 SP/BZ-036
~19.08 SP/BZ-081 (if time permits).

The dates are estimates, especially Day2 will be challenging (doing 8h hike and merging it with a 5h hike from next day), so there may be a slip of a day or two in the plans. I will try posting my position at end of the days on twitter, as I will not have any access to PC to upload my tracks until I am back home. There may be some disturbancies disabling an activation (energy loss, wx problems, companion complaints, etc.) - but I hope I can make most of my plan.

My SOTA setup:

  • MTR3b, endfed 40-20-10, batteries 3x18650; I would rather use the trees as an antenna pole, as I am trying to keep my backpack at minimum weight, currently not planning to carry any mast (extra 600g).
  • I hope for my good estimates and I also hope for the Alert feature working well - I will not have phone range at some summits
  • I will be at 10.1167 if the frequency is available at the times of the activations. I may also try 14.0625 and 7.0325 if possible
  • my activations will be short, especially on long days of hike, mostly for the sake of my companions

So, wish me good luck and I hope to meet you on the air!

For those supporting me, I will print a picture taken myself from this hike and send as a unique QSL, if an individual desires.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sq6git

Last but not least - I am open for any suggestions from the Community.

Thank you in advance for your patience during QSO’s by a weary wanderer…



Sounds like a great hike and long too! Your non-hams will be impressed and thrilled by your radio communication.

Good luck!


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Thank you.

By the way, I made small edits, main thing is I will use 10MHz as my primary (and possibly only) frequency. I hope it works, too… Not sure how popular it is to do just 10MHz activations.