3 GW/NW Summits Activation Report

Saturday Morning or middle of night!! Woke up at 5am Bright as a button (or basically no way of getting back off to sleep).

Weather looked 'Orrible so no chance of gardening!!

Im used to Bad WX on Summits so why not go and do 3 NW summits I thought? mmmmmm

GW/NW-049 Gyrn Moelfre 08/05/10

First of the three planned literally at 6am, off I went in gloomy cloudy skies but dry. Headed for my usual park spot at Moelfre Hall,and after getting permission to park there set off through the gate. I had forgotten just how incessantly steep this route up was.
Arriving over half hour late at Trig,wind blowing ferociously with spotty rain I set up Brolley Shelter and decide to try 2m SSB if I get enough chasers I will not stay up and try to catch up on my schedule. My 2nd contact was G4RMD Frank who put up the spot but still quiet 10 mins in and then only ending up with 7 in the log all quiet so beat a hasty retreat as rain was now bouncing off the brolley. The way down was same way up but now I had the problem of my poor knees being battered as I tried to prevent myself running down the hill on the really bad steep parts.

GW/NW-060 Mynydd y Briw 08/05/10

Set off from Moelfre Hall and asked TomTom to get me from here to park at base of tarmac road on next one. TomTom must have had one too many last night as it must have thought I was a Tractor. It got me lost down two country tracks only capable of 4 wheel drive so used my map and got round to park spot at least still up with schedule. Again very steep but short up to Transmitter Tower,again windy as usual. 1st contact was nice Special event call from GB2RM Mills on the Air, Steve nice QSO before shouting for Chasers. This time getting a couple of longer distance with G6XLL in London and G0RQL Don in Devon. 8 in log and WX turning nasty once more,got down the short walk very fast ,not much to say about this unassuming little summit no breakthrough from tower on 2m ssb at least.

GW/NW-059 Alt Y Main 08/05/10

New one for me!!
Not a bad trip from 060 to this one some country lanes but no problems. Arriving at park spot and finishing my lunch ( For Tom and any others interested in gastronomic news it was a Mattesons Garlic Sausage [lower fat of course] Butty and Beef Oxo in my Flask,with the usual energy bar for puddin)

Following G3CWI’s route past the barn and right through gate and then follow left to gate entering forest. once again steep but shortish ascent. Turn right at the scrap caravan was this here when you came up Richard?? reached what I thought was the top and then a small ravine tricked me. A small steep forestry track leads up again from some indistinct sections,then spotting the Bench a very welcome sight on my third summit of the day. I decided to utilise the bench as I had not seen anyone else on here all the way up. (Photo on Flicker)
Once again windy and wet so once again lets get on with playing radio,Roger G0TRB 1st in log gave me a spot and then my pal David 2E0DAI who had got me on all 3 today. 9 in log following G0RQL Don all quiet again so after speaking to nice couple who came up very interested in what I was doing,I explained and they seemed impressed with all I had done today and I packed all away before setting back off down. I must say this summit since they cut all the trees down does not look very impressive although when you get to top the views are really impressive and 360 degrees. Did not like route back down as loose stones on path was making me again walk more gingerly than usual. Back in Car after frightening a gang of sheep,I was looking forward to getting home and a Hot Bath followed by Jambalaya and a Bottle of Chianti.

Lovely end to a good day despite WX

Thanks to all who got me on the 3 and thanks to some for their patience as I tried to get weaker stations in first.

Best 73