3 element vhf beam mounting

Hello all I have a small 3 element 2m beam and i have also go a rotating guy colar to fit my 6m sota pole but it’s trying to attach the antenna to the pole … so far I have very roughly knocked up a wooden mount for an idea . Anyone else got an idea ?

There is a plate of ply and unscrew 4 screws to remove or turn the beam. I could change for machine screws but got to be a neater easier way .

73 2E0FGX

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How about using a couple of 15mm Plastic Pipe Clips? and a bit of plastic chopping board?
That’s what I did for my 2m moxon (although your yagi may be a little heavier)


Cheers don I will have a look , I only chose this as it’s pretty sturdy and will stand be taken apart alot .

I did think for really high summits or good vhf take of spots a camera tripod .
73 2E0FGX

My walking pole has a monopod attachment and I found I can clamp an old bike light clamp around my yagi then attach it to the top of the walking pole via the monopod. Then with a bit of cord make some guy ropes.

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That’s ideal !

Perhaps if I make a adapter so the outside is round rather than square would be easier to mount .


A threaded hole for a tripod screw would also work. I’ve set up a ground plane on my camera tripod by bringing a 1/4-20 wingnut and using that to attach the plate to the ball head. These photos are from before I got the wingnut.


Great cheers , simple idea .

Only thing I’m thinking is if run vertical and a tripod is ali or carbon fiber it will interact with the antenna.


I have a plate of acrylic glass with 4 pairs of holes (2x2 crosswise) and fix it with cable ties. It works for my 2m PVC Boom (6Elt. DK7ZB)
(The clips were to loose…) If you do not tie the boom to tight, you can change polarization.

73 Armin


I guess you cable tie it to the pole too or a could use conduit clips .

73 2E0FGX

The clips are not strong enough. I have fixed the cable ties on the diameter of the section of the pole and stuck it on it…quick and dirty :smile:

73 Armin


This is the SOTAbeams solution on the SB5, unfortunately long since out of production. My antenna is almost 11 years old and I have never had an issue with this mounting. That’s around 500 activations.

73, Gerald


There are lots of clamps made for use in stage and studio work. They are probably a little expensive and/or heavy, but might give an idea. The stage equipment is called a “gaffer grip”. These are a clamp with a stud for mounting a theatrical light.


A search for “photo studio clamp” was fairly useful for finding the photo version. These usually have a stud or socket for connecting to a camera or tripod. Here is a selection from B&H Photo.



IMG_2644 IMG_2645

Here fotos of my solution…

73 Armin

Looks ideal on a weight point of view .

Got some ideas now . Cheers

73 2E0FGX

Matthew & also Gerald,
In my opinion Gerald has highlighted the best option here. The 5-ely SOTAbeam he mentioned and its predecessor the 3-ely, was designed to be mounted on a tapered mast. I have built copies of the 3-ely and used the 22mm saddle clip (see below) without problems. I’ve also used it for 6-ely and 4-ely 144MHz beams and a 3-ely 70MHz beam, all if which have 2m-long booms.

Description: ‘Plastic Pipe Clip - Saddle Band / Slip On - Pack of 10’
Cost £4.90 for ten (ebay)

Fit two clamps at right angles so that the beam can be used either horizontally or vertically mounted. Use two 4mm dia x 10mm long aluminium pop rivets to secure each clamp to your boom.

Rivet one foot first. Where you place the second foot along the boom before drilling it to take the second rivet determines how tight the fitting will be on the mast or if it’s a tapered mast, how far up from the ground you wish to have it. It can be awkward to rework if you get this wrong the first time, particularly in my case as I don’t use tapered masts.

Like Gerald I have never had an issue with this simple mounting method, the credit for which must go to Richard G3CWI of SOTAbeams. Just bare in mind that it is for use with lightweight beams only and not for larger beams intended for mounting on chimneys etc.
Hope this helps,
73, John.

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I’ve just bought some pipe clips in Wickes. I got 5x15mm and 4x22mm for the grand total of 58p.

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Cheers john ,

More less what I have done but I dodnt want to use rivets due to it may be pulled though the plastic eventually due to the beam being a bit heavier .

I have used m5 machine screws instead

73 , 2E0FGX

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