3 DM/BW summits on May 11

Dear all,

RBNgate repeated my first summit also in its subsequent spots because I had put it into my alert. Maybe it is better to leave the summit empty in the alert to avoid confusion. Will give it a try next time.

Please check your log and make sure you have the summits OK. My operating times today were as follows:
0834-0857 DM/BW-232 Huchnegg
0937-0944 DM/BW-193 Schächer (early QRT due to rain)
1044-1055 DM/BW-161 Wartenberg (again early QRT due to rain)

Sorry to all the chasers who didn’t make it into my log on 40m today. The pile-up was extreme, too much to handle for my little ATS-3B. In addition WX was worse than expected (below 10°C, wind and rain). Thanks for all the QSOs, including several S2S and DX!

73, Markus HB9BRJ