3 days trip in DM/BW region

I’ve in mind to make a short trip (3-4 days) in DM/BW region (Schwartzwald-Black Forest) next May and activate some 10 pointers summits.
I and my wife have some issue to walk high ascents (descent is worse) so I’m searching for drive up summits or with little ascent (<200 m).
I’ve choosed some summits from Sotlas but I hope to have more suggestions from activators who know this region and pick the best way to activate 3/4 summits a day.
Starting from northern Italy the first day I consider about 4 hours of travel to reach the first summit.
Also for the hotel I need some suggestions: what village/s is/are the best to stay 2-3 days near the summits to activate?
Thank in advance for your suggestions (also to my e-mail if you prefer. See QRZ.com)
Claudio IX1IHR

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Hi Claudio @IX1IHR

This maybe too far south for you but we (MM0FMF and myself) stayed here on our way to Friedrichshaffen last year. Food and accommodation were first class especially considering the really reasonable price. Located in Wehr.

Hello Claudio

If you drive through the Gotthard via Lucerne to DM/BW… Freiburg might be the best city as a base for the summits. Freiburg is beautiful and worth a visit in itself. Without traffic jams, it can be reached from Como in 4 hours.

On the way to Freiburg (my local mountain) DM/BW-018 would be a drive up.

I would be happy to prepare a list of my recommendations for summits for you.

73 Armin

Name Altitude Parking Hiking
DM/BW-001 Feldberg 47.8588, 8.03694 Cable car to Seebuck… after that 45 Min.
1493 m 10 +3
DM/BW-002 Herzogenhorn 47.84454, 8.01986 100m alt.
1415 m 10 +3 for restaurant guests
DM/BW-003 Belchen 47.82108, 7.85105 Cable car … 70m alt.
1414 m 10 +3
DM/BW-008 Schauinsland 47.90861, 7.89226 80m alt.
1284 m 10 +3 or cable car
DM/BW-009 Kandel 48.06557, 8.01602 short walk … 45m alt.
1241 m 10 +3
DM/BW-014 Weisstannenhöhe 47.92969, 8.12793 120m alt… but only steep at the first 200m
1190 m 10 +3
DM/BW-015 Hochfirst 47.90114, 8.1847 drive up
1190 m 10 +3
DM/BW-016 Obereck 48.09726, 8.15484 1 h walk… but only steep for the last 50 alt.
1177 m 10 +3
DM/BW-018 Blauen 47.77758, 7.7017 drive up
1165 m 10 +3
DM/BW-055 Hohe Möhr 47.69519, 7.89069 follow the red diamond at 47.69548, 7.8901
983 m 10 +3 steep at the last 70m alt
DM/BW-115 Kaiserstuhl/Totenkopf 48.0562, 7.65567 flat 1h walk to a nice place
564 m 4 nice wine area
DM/BW-531 Hünersedel 48.18989, 7.97678 nice walk … Steep at the last 40m alt.
744 m 6 nice place for coffee and cake
DM/BW-766 Hohwildsberg 47.76961, 7.74587 steep and rough at the last 80m alt.
1084 m 10 +3 good combination with DM/BW-018

It was a delightful place. Really nice food and beer. The room was spacious and well equipped. And really quite cheap considering how high quality everything was.

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Thanks for nice info. I will see on a map if not so far for me.

Thanks a lot Armin. I will compare with my list to match the best summits. I know Freiburg, where I was about 15 years ago. Nice town. If good for nearby summits activations have you some suggestions for an accomodation (hotel or B&B or Gashaus) ?

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That’s a great list and how reasonable is it to activate all of them in 4 days?

I ask as I am heading back to the UK this spring and am interested in potentially a “rove” around the Black Forest sometime this year.


DM/BW-115 is a bit out of the way… but the rest can be done in 4 days… at least in the summer months due to the length of the days!

73 Armin


Unfortunately I can’t give you any recommendations.

73 Armin

Thanks anyway Armin and hope to contact you from a summit in the Black Forest.
See you again.

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Hallo Claudio,
erwähnenswert wäre hier noch der Brandenkopf, DM/BW-067. Dieser ist ein Drive-In und sehr gut zu erreichen.
73 de Martin, DC5GM

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