3 Countries activation HB0/HB9/OE9

Monday June 9th, 5 Op’s (hb9dvz, pa3fga, pa5mw, pc5a, pd5ax) will hike to the three border point of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria: Naafkopf, SOTA references HB0/LI-002, HB/GR-338, OE/VB-123. Activation will be on HF, possible bands 40 through 10 depending on propagation. Both CW and SSB is possible. Estimated arrival is around 1100UTC. APRS Track on aprs.fi - live APRS map

On behalf of ESRAC SOTA Team
– Aurelio, PC5A

In reply to PC5A:

Ik zal mijn oren de kost geven vandaag. Misschien lukt het.

73 Tonnie, PA9CW