3 8 pointers in a day with VK1AD and VK1DA

@VK1AD Andrew , @VK1DA Andrew and myself headed out to knock over 2 8 pointers in a day, but we managed to snag a 3rd.

In the video you will see 1AD activating 23cm (1296mhz) the summits too.





Great video Wade and good to see the other side of the contacts. I’ve spoken with each of you at various times and always curious about the various setups in use.

Hi Wade

Thanks for the short demo of the 23cm Bi-Quad. As usual, I can be found laying in the aussie dirt with ants, spiders and mozzies. I need to mount the 23cm transverter to the top of the tripod.

We had loads of fun and we all returned home safely. A good day out! :smile:

73 Andrew VK1AD

VK Port-a-log had 100% coverage on this trip, Peter. I still carry a paper logbook but I think it’s over a year since I used it. Great to see Manuel HB9DQM was using it too.

73 Andrew VK1DA/2UH

Should do a package deal with SOTA - brand up some cheap Lenovo tablets. :money_mouth_face:

I still carry my little notebook and pencil

You know, just in case I leave my tablet in the car nudge nudge.