2X Shack Sloth

Just wanted to thank all the SOTA activators for all that you do. I have been chasing SOTA for many years, at first only on 10m SSB where I was able to rack up 345 chaser points during the past solar cycle with a basic Technician license. Since passing my General license on March 13th of this year I have begun chasing on other bands, mainly 40m & 20m but on occasion I have been able to pick up a contact on 15m, 17m & 60m. Today with a QSO with VE6JHH on VE6/RA-030 Buck Mountain I was able to add my 1,655th chaser point for 2021 which brings my total to 2,000. Not bad for someone who operates with no more then 100 watts and a wire at the house and 100 watts and a ham stick in the mobile.

My goal for 2022 is to activate from my first SOTA so keep an eye out for my first activation in the Spring of 2022.

Brian N2BTD


Hi Brian, congratulation for the 2x shack sloth as a chaser. Well done, :+1: :beers:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Hi Brian, Well done, congratulations, one can chase SOTA with the most basic setting. I have made in 2021 over 2200 chaser points, over 500 activations in my chaser log with 5W QRP and a 9ft long whip antenna operating from an urban area.

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