2W0KGQ/P 31st January Correct reference

Hi all,

If you worked Jonathan 2W0KGQ/P between 1310z & 1340z on Saturday 31st January 2015 he was actually on GW/NW-004 Y Garn,

Jonathan gave me GW/NW-005 over the air when we worked & the summit name Y Garn. I didn’t check that the reference & summit name tallied when I spotted him & it was only towards the end of his activation that I called him again to confirm the actual summit he was on.

GW/NW-004 Y Garn is the correct reference.

My apologies.


Mark G0VOF

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Spotted on the spot :slight_smile:

Just one of those things at least we can correct our logs including mine.

Brave or just plain mad up there the pair of ya.

Mind you, did hear many of us were looking for Simon and ended up finding johnathon instead :slight_smile: Bonus.

Thanks again Mark


Hi Karl,

I was only chasing from home today, like yourself, & found Jonathan quite by accident whilst looking for Simon when he had finished on CW & sent that he was going to SSB. Simon did find a relatively clear SSB frequency eventually, but the SSB portion of 40m was a little crowded today.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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I just wanted to say thanks to Jonathan and Roger (F5LKW) for summit-to-summit QSOs today, as those took me to 500 S2S points - time for some more wall paper!

Arenig Fach was pretty deep in snow, but when I looked northwards there was a big block of white - not sure if it was the Glyders or the Carneddau. Was it bad Jonathan? I was pretty tuckered out doing Arenig Fach, so a 2nd summit was beyond my capacity. Tomorrow’s plan is Moel Eilio, which doesn’t look bad.

Sorry for the dodgy TX at the start of my activation. The FT817 was having one of its off days.


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Around 1+1/2 foot of snow, large drifts with 20Mph++ surging snow storms. Got back by the way, thanks everyone for the calls.

The problem I had on Y Garn was the reference was in my second log book. With the wind the way it was I did not want to open my bag again once I had got it shut ! No GSM or SMS coverage either so I was calling for a long time, then I heard Mark call lower down the band, saved !

Mid way through the KX3 went nuts as snow had frozen the DISP key down. The wind was so strong it also snapped the tops off the Aluminium ground hog tent pegs that I use.

So glad we made the s2s Simon. You sounded pretty cold as well from what I could tell.

Second summit was much easier, a lot of walking.

Apologies for the reference. I always know the name of the summit, but with multiple activation’s with n+1 reference numbers its easy to get mixed up with those summits especially when you can not check your other log book, and have no other means of accessing RRT or the web. Its easier when you have the database and my alerts to access though :wink:

Learnt a few things today, one thing is for sure English summits are a walk in the park in comparison to “home”.

Mad maybe, but usually that is when Life is at its best.




I think that you will also find one or two English summits that aren’t a walk in the park, especially in the Lake District although I suspect the main UK challenges lie in GM!

Nick G4OOE

Yes, I imagine so naturally. I was more so; talking in general.

The ones I have been to, albeit not many, there is practically no effort required and almost laughed how easy they where in comparison to what I have done in Wales, with tea shops/pubs everywhere and sign posts every 200 yards !

I know some are difficult in the Lakes. I have climbed Skiddaw with the mountain bike club and that is fair old mountain with an excellent decent too !, but even that has a road to the top of it in effect.

Yes the pinnacle in GM looks a good challenge. I believe only two dentists have activated it so far.
You can see that In the Danny Macaskill video - One day :wink:


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I expect they found it easier as a pair; an amalgam is always stronger.
The terrain, with it’s deep cavities and gaps to bridge, filled them with awe at times.
I heard they only went there initially for a check up.
At least they didn’t get into difficulties or a helicopter would probably have been needed for their extraction.
Luckily they were well practised and seemed to know the drill.