2nd chase not counting?

Today I chased DL//HB9IQL/P on two different summits, DM/BW-849 and DM/BW-851, and I see that the second summit counts as zero chase points. Is this correct or is it a system failure?.
Antonio, EA4MY

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Looks like something is strange indeed:

Chaser view from Sotadata

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I entered 2 chases of the same callsign to check and that worked and scored them correctly.

So delete the DM/BW-851 chase and then re-enter it and see if you get the points.

Did you enter the chases manually or from SOTAwatch for with ADIF/CSV upload?

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I entered the chases manually. I will follow your recommendation and try a file upload.
Many thanks


No need to do anything… you chased it earlier today!

2022-08-16, 10:42, EA4MY, DD2TC/P, DM/BW-851, Ahaberg, 14MHz, SSB, 1

2022-08-16, 15:43, EA4MY, DL/HB9IQL/P, DM/BW-851, Ahaberg, 21MHz, SSB, 0


A hint at this point.

You make a typo when entering an chase or S2S.
Therefore you enter the entry again corrected.
Then you delete the first incorrect entry.

Please not!

The second entry gives no points and the points of the first are lost.

So first delete, then re-enter.

73 Chris


You are right Andy. I didn’t realize. :slight_smile:
Many thanks

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Well I was looking with fresh eyes and it took me a while to spot it :slight_smile:

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