2m tonight

Just a heads up that it’s 2m activity night this evening. Due to a reshuffle of the events, there won’t be any FT8 tonight, so I’ll be on 2m FM 1900-1955z then 2m SSB 2000-2230z. There will be lots of activity all over the UK so turn those radios on wherever you are. With a bit of luck, I won’t be the only SOTA station.

Doubt there will be much activity from up here - horrendous winds and biblical rain right now. Most of the regular stations are not going to even try :frowning:

103 QSOs - 21 on 2m FM and 82 on 2m SSB.

Best DX: PA5Y in JO21, 565km.

You were right though Barry @GM4TOE - not a sniff from GM - or GI/EI for that matter. Two in GD though.

I think I got lucky. While it was breezy on Cloud summit, and I definitely needed the shelter of the topograph in order to operate, it was nothing like as windy as I anticipated. The forecast had predicted gusts of 50kmh, and rain from 9pm. As it was it didn’t rain at all, and I didn’t suffer a single mast fall! Many stations working me expressed both surprise and admiration for my being out SOTA-portable, but I’ve known it much much worse!

Yap, never before so many stations complained about my bad audio. Wind noise makes a SOTA signal authentic. :crazy_face:
Dull condx anyway, so yesterday’s highlight was UT1FG/mm.


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VHF is still kicking it round here.

Inside a total time of 100 minutes (2316 to 0056z), I recorded 4 SOTA activations comprising 22 QSOs.

The FT70D certainly helps, but I think late night-time is where it’s at.