2m SSB S2S DX Party - Sunday 29th December 2019

Never heard of any other in any mode before. :+1:

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G1INK/P 12/12/2004 14:47 144MHz SSB DC6HQ/P DM/BW-019 Dieter, me on WB-002

15 years ago, Brown Clee Hill to the Hornisgrinde :sunglasses: 877km.


Yes, only the brave tackle summits under such conditions… maybe the foolish as well. :grinning: Anyway, when we eventually had battled to the trig, we decided that conditions were too bad to operate from there, particularly as it was hard to stay on our feet. A summit shelter would have been nice, but you may recall the summit has extensive ground cover, so there is nothing available to build one from. Had we known you were looking for us, we would have tried with a handheld before finding a suitable place to operate from… What’s the old saying, “a text in time…” :wink:

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