2m multimode

No sorry, not a rig - but an activation!

I didn’t expect to net any of the long distance 2m FM S2S action, and I didn’t - although Pegwn Mawr GW/MW-006 was not too shabby from The Cloud G/SP-015. My expectations were met!

Total: 51 QSOs

2m FT8: 11
2m MSK144: 0
2m SSB: 9
2m CW: 1
2m FM: 21
2m C4FM: 9

S2S: MW0PLA/P on Pegwn Mawr GW/MW-006, 2E0FTU/P & G5ZX/P on Cross Fell G/NP-001.

Best DX was Don @G0RQL. No sign of Brian @G8ADD. Now where have I heard that before?

But wait - no! - the final 2m contact of the activation was Damian @M0BKV - which at 320km knocked Don off his perch! Well done also to Barry 2E0PXW who worked me on four of the modes.

Am I allowed to say “VHF is alive and well”, or does it not count because it was a Saturday in July or something?

I then popped over to Gun G/SP-013 with the handheld, for a “Four-and-run”, including S2S with Liam MW7LCX/P on Penycloddiau GW/NW-054.


Thanks for the 2m SSB contact today Tom, well done on your multimode Activation Tony


By the time you were spotted on SSB I had gone back to moving slabs in the garden.

I hope you don’t go out tonight - we have a nice little thunderstorm and the storms are moving your way. My antennas and PSUs are unplugged until things quieten down!

  1. I have seen the wx forecast
  2. Yesterday I did a 15km circular with Marianne - Cat & Fiddle - Shutlingsloe - Cat & Fiddle.
  3. The only thing I’m heading up tonight is the stairs to bed - right now in fact.

Sleep tight!

Hi Tom
It was great to catch you on the S2S I plan to start going out every Saturday again so hopefully nana more to come

M0PLA 73’s

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Given the current burgeoning interest in 2m CW, 2m SSTV and 2m AM, as well as the recent surge in 2m SSB SOTA activity and the continuing vibrancy of 2m FM, I propose a series of Saturday morning 2m multimode activity sessions.

My own planned 2m SSTV session last week ended up incorporating some significant success on 2m SSB, FM and FT8, and I feel it is inevitable that my planned participation in the 2m CW and 2m AM events will see similar diversification of modes!

So tomorrow morning, as well as 2m SSTV, I will also operate on 2m AM, CW, FT8, SSB and FM. Wonder if I’ll make S2S with anyone on all six modes?

If anyone wants to make skeds with me or use as ‘talkback’ during the session, I will have this thread, Reflector PMs, Facebook Messenger, email (as per QRZ) or feel free to PM me to exchange mobile numbers.

Text me when you are ready tomorrow Tom, we can try all 5 modes.

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I counted 6. Could be even more - FT4, JT65, C4FM, PSK31 also available. Catch you tomorrow.

Potentially 11 alerts on for “2m multimode Saturday” tomorrow. Last week though there were many more stations active than had alerted, especially on 2m SSB. I hope a few more stations will be heading out with 2m SSTV intentions at least.

Currently on a bus to my summit today and made this on my phone. Thanks, Photoshop iOS.

Perhaps useful when posting elsewhere (FB/Twitter) etc



Awesome. Any chance of adding “2m” in there?

Oh, absolutely facepalm, woops

Screws with my right-aligned text but it’ll do.



The Inaugural SOTA 2m Multimode Super Saturday

Saturday 24th April 2021 - The Cloud G/SP-015

Total QSOs (all 2m): 120, including 17 S2S

2m FM: 68
2m SSTV: 4
2m FT8: 10
2m CW: 1
2m SSB: 10
2m AM: 6
2m C4FM: 21

2m FM S2S: 7
GW8OGI/P on GW/NW-054
G4YTD/P on G/LD-004
G6WRW/P on G/WB-004
MW1HAX/P on GW/SW-001
G2DS/P on G/SP-017
M7AQX/P on G/SP-004
M7TKL/P on G/SP-010

2m SSTV S2S: 3
GW8OGI/P on GW/NW-054
G4YTD/P on G/LD-004
G6WRW/P on G/WB-004

2m FT8 S2S: 1
G4YTD/P on G/LD-004

2m CW S2S: 1
G4YTD/P on G/LD-004

2m SSB S2S: 2
G6WRW/P on G/WB-004
G4YTD/P on G/LD-004

2m AM S2S: 2
G4YTD/P on G/LD-004
G6WRW/P on G/WB-004

2m C4FM S2S: 1
M7AQX/P on G/SP-004


  • “Qualifying” the activation with 4 QSOs on SSTV - 3 of which were S2S.
  • Making 6 QSOs on AM - 2 of which were S2S.
  • Over 20 contacts on C4FM digital voice mode.


  • Only one QSO on 2m CW despite plenty of calling CQ and self-spotting.

Saturday 24th April 2021 - Gun G/SP-013

Total QSOs (all 2m FM): 8

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Excellent event and a good morning out Tom.
I had C4FM with me and could have made the full set of modes, in my haste to get to work I completely forgot!
Highlights for me were first S2S SSTV, first ever SOTA CW contact as an activator - I need to take my brave pills and go for it one day, and having a chat with Matthew M0MZB who was mobile on his bicycle.
Already planning equipment changes for the next one :wink:

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Don’t worry Tim. When we do this properly there will be many more modes to get through to complete a full set:


I intend to focus on 2m CW and 2m SSTV this coming Saturday morning, but will still have availability on FM, FT8, AM, SSB, C4FM etc for S2S contacts. And no doubt the customary CQ SOTA call on FM before leaving the summit to ensure no chasers miss out.