2m modular portable YAGI for backpacking


greetings to this community. This is my first post. I follow this forum for quite a long time.
I want to share my latest project with you.

It was my desire for quite a long time to create such a yagi and use it with my 6m pole.
I’d like to hear your opinions on it and may what could be improved?

Feel free to download it here: Portable 2m 145MHz VHF Yagi for SOTA by Koppo - Thingiverse
A list of needed materials can be obtained by visiting the link that is in the thing description.

Do you also have such issues with SWR in relation to coax feeder location near the boom?



Looks great. Which design is the yagi?

Do you also have such issues with SWR in relation to coax feeder location near the boom?

No. Is there a current choke in the orange box?
[Edit: Now I see the boom is grounded. So, no choke needed.]


Interesting project. I personally prefer the LogPer concept. Very robust construction without impedance adjustment, works on 2m and 70cm and fits into any backpack after unscrewing the elements.
At the moment I am using a commercial version with 4 elements and 7.1dbi on 144MHz und 8.7dbi on 435MHz
I am also interested in building a larger variety with over 10dbi/13dbi

By the way, ahoi Pom :slight_smile:
73 Chris

I’ve always said you’re giving away the dB’s, Chris. Instead of making a wideband monster covering frequencies you don’t use, how about a small and lightweight 4 ele DK7ZB? The 50 Ohms version has > 7 dBd in free space on 144 MHz and works well on 70 cm at high gain. However, the radiaton pattern is a bit deformed then with the main lobes about 20° off.
Maybe Aleksander’s model works on 70 cm, too?


The LogPer looks really good. I would do such design too if I could find the materials here. Yes there is a choke in it. The design is from DK7ZB. Its a 50 ohm version.