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2m Foldable Moxon

I made a lightweight packable 2m moxon. It weighs 3.9oz (111g). I plan on using this instead of a rollup jpole. Posting this here for inspiration and ideas for others.


Thank you Casey

…unfortunately somewhat out of fashion… here is a program to create the dimensions:


73 Armin


As one of the most un-fashion conscious people on radio, I confess to having Moxons for 2m, 4m and 6m. The 4 and 6 are demountable on a fibreglass X frame. I find them very useful. The 2m one is great for use with a HT, when running battery-saving 2.5w gives a nice strong signal.


If Moxons are un-fashionable - who cares!

It’s a great antenna. I have commercial ones from Par Electronics in the states for 6m and 2m and am in the process of testing a homemade 10m one in the garden - or I will be once the temps get back over zero again!

73 Ed.
P.S. calculator for Wire Moxons here - Moxon Calculator



Fashion victim or simply old technology?


Don’t forget to account for velocity factor of the wire chosen to use. It will change the dimensions.

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Thanks Ed for the calculator link. I’ve always like the moxon. I agree, it is a great antenna.

73 Geoff vk3sq

Clever design Casey
I like the Moxons, use them 4m-20m whilst campervan portable.
Very easy to setup and use.
Always a good feeling when using something home made.


Interesting mechanical design

I have tried 2m Moxons and while they work well enough I ran into issues

  • Robustness - SOTA gear needs to be unbreakable and my versions failed to survive. That might just be down to my engineering skills.
  • When used for vertical polarization the feed point is inconveniently placed for a nice cable routing
  • It really needs a balun at the feed point or the radiation pattern will be affected.

I ended up building a short-boom foldable 4-el Yagi instead but have only used that on one activation so far as a test - I will try it out on some of the more difficult VHF locations later in the year.



Just by chance, I found a YouTube video from @OE5JFE with a clever solution for a horizontal polarized 2m Moxon that is foldable as well:

Thingiverse parts:

73 Stephan


Thanks Stephan for bringing it up. That was one of my first experiments with 3D printing/design.
It works fine in general but it is still a bit fragile and I have not found time to make the folding mechanism a bit more robust. But I got some feedback by email of successful operation so it was worth sharing.

73 Joe


Definitely old technology… mine’s 2014 vintage and it looks like new. I adopted the design as it is easy to strap to the backpack and needs no on-site assembly.


beautiful work

73 Armin

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