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After today’s fiasco when I activated G/NP-010 Pen-y-ghent, never again, I will stick to 2M SSB in future. And MQ6***, yes you know who you are, I needed 4 contacts to qualify the summit and I had 10 contacts. Sorry to dissapoint you but your pathetic attempts failed miserably.

73 Chris M0RSF

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don’t be put of by MQ6*** it is a good band and mode.


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Hiya… I had good fun using 2m fm today on Titterstone Clee Hill. At the moment (lack of funds) that’s the only band and mode I have - but those keen to damage my enthusiasm of the hobby and SOTA have only been few and far between.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky (?) - but nonetheless it can be frustrating stuff.

All the best,


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I will stick to 2M SSB in future.

Hi Chris

You really need to develop a thicker skin rather than giving in. That’s surely a win for the jammer?



I have a system that quickly makes jammers and foul-mouthed pirates go away. Works every time. I won’t announce it on here, but if you want to PEM me, I’ll share it.


Fair comment Richard, there is a bad apple in every barrel, I know I could always log four chasers on 2M SSB if need be but it would be unfair for people who only have FM radios to miss out on chaser points. I spent some time on 2M SSB and I have witnessed Sporadic E and worked Poland & Czech Republic amongst others. I’ve had some fun working FSK441 meteor scatter. Anyone who slates 2M is completely unfair and obviously has little knowledge as 2M SSB & 2M FM are so different it’s untrue. Far superior operating practice with the VHF junkies.


I find the best way to deal with it is not to acknowledge the jammers in the first place. Eventually they get bored & move on. My email address is good on qrz.com if you wish to enlighten me.

73 Chris M0RSF

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No. There is only one ‘killer system’ to beat abuse on the air. Read my 3-POINT GUIDE to key clickers:

73, Rob.