2m FM in France...

Hi All,

I’m visiting the Alps this weekend and I’m hoping to activate a summit. As I’m having to travel very lightly, I’ll just be using my 2m HT… but I just wanted to confirm that 145.500 is the FM calling frequency?!

Best wishes,
David. G7BEH.

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145.525 and 145.550 are in my opinion the two frequencies where you may have an answer to your calls, but the VHF activity seems to me low. It will not be easy. Good luck.
73 Chris


Thanks Chris… this is much more of an opportunistic activation, unlike the previous two Alpine summits. If it works, great… if not, I will have had an amazing day in the mountains :slight_smile:

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A small folding beam or otherwise a telescopic antenna seems to me indicated.
73 QRO

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Yes… I have a SlimJim all rolled up and ready to go, or my Arrow antenna that I use for satellites.