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2m FM Attempt in the West Highlands (Scotland)

After my discovery of how good 2m FM can be in the English Lake District I think my next attempt on this mode may be doomed but I’m going to give it a try. :slight_smile:

On Saturday 18 September I intend an activation of Druim na h-Earba GM/WS-339 which at just 288m high and surrounded by other much higher peaks including Ben Nevis probably explains why FM QSOs from here are as rare as sightings of wild haggis. :slight_smile: But I’m going to give it a go anyway at around 1400 UTC. I’ll post a spot of course and will be very grateful to hear if anyone hears me. The reason for the selection of this peak is simply because it is within walking distance of my brother’s house where I am staying.

I will follow up with some more appropriate stuff for this little summit on 20m/30m/40m SSB & CW afterwards.



Hi John,

2m in the Highlands can be more challenging. However there are a good number of locals who listen out, particularly from the towns.
A bit of power in these circumstances is a help, I used 40W to a halfwave end fed mounted in the rucksack successfully. Also I suggest you try to get local knowledge, not all listeners will be on 145.500, some may be on a Club net frequency.
On the summit, take advantage of the extent of the activation zone, you may be able to make contacts in a favoured direction by operating from the edge of the summit plateau.


Ben Wyvis 2017


David, thank you, that’s a good tip about moving around the activation zone. I was planning on using a Slim Jim from a 6m pole static but I’ll see what the shape of the summit looks like and whether it might pay to move. I may have a helper with me who could act as a portable antenna support. :slight_smile:

Power will be only 10W but that can reach quite far - if it has line of sight which is of course the challenge.

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If you can “see” Inverness then 145.575 is a good place to call.



I am only about 1/2 mile away and will lsn S20 and 7.035MHz

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Dave, many thanks for the QSO today. I’ve posted a brief write-up in the Activation section.