2m CW

Enjoyable couple of hours in the sun. No DX worked but thanks to the chasers who called. I stuck to cw and it was interesting to see which contest station ops could read cw and who couldn’t.

73 Richard G3CWI

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Hi Richard,

Nice to work you earlier, just operating as a fixed sweeper & it has to be the most enjoyable VHF NFD I have had for a long time, other than when I was actually /P myself.

My CW is still improving, hence the cross mode call a little later than our contest QSO, hope everything went OK in the end :wink:

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Went OK in the end? Rooting for Murray, as are those who paid 30,000 pounds for a seat at centre court. 77 years it’s been??

Elliott, K6EL

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Not quite Elliott,


Murray Mints?

Sorry, I don’t follow sport. :wink:


Mark G0VOF

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There it is…end of last set a gripping thing to see. Too bad the queen mum couldn’t see this, as it is with Fred Perry.