2m cw question

I am a little confused on which part of the 2m band is used for CW? Looking at past spots cw and ssb share the same part of the band? Any help is greatly recieved. Sean M0GIA

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CW is allowed in the range 144-146MHz.


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Thanks Andy for the speedy reply. Sean M0GIA

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CW is allowed in the range 144-146MHz.

I think you are being a little facetious, Andy.

It is, of course, true that CW is allowed anywhere in the 2m band. However, the O.P. asked about the frequencies where it is normally used. Most CW activity on 2m takes place in accordance with the IARU Region 1 Band Plan, which is as follows:

144.000 - 144.035 MHz - EME (moonbounce) CW only. Do not use for terrestrial QSOs.

144.035 - 144.135 MHz - general CW working.

144.050 - CW calling frequency.

In practice, most CW activity will be found between 144.050 and 144.100 MHz.

Hope this helps.

Walt (G3NYY)

Two ways of doing it, I find:

(a) Call CW on 144.050 then QSY to 144.060 (or 144.070).

(b) Alert and self-spot on 144.060, and work that QRG (or 144.070).



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Well I suppose it is just a tadge facetious! But the point is valid that CW is the only mode that is allowed (by UK bandplans) anywhere on the bands. All the modes have their own patch. Of course, there’s no legal need to follow the bandplans in the UK at all. Something which is made clear to anyone using 2m around Edinburgh by the continued use of 145.8 for AM activity. However, sticking with the bandplans is normally a good idea, get all people doing the same thing in the same place and minimise interference to other modes.

As Walt said, you’d normally expect 2m CW around 144.050. Of course, the number of people who maybe listening there outside of contests/enhanced propagation periods is small so I doubt you’d get many complaints if you called for SOTA contacts on 144.300 or if you used Gerald’s own frequency of 144.333/432.333.


I may call CQ on 144.050MHz tomorrow morning, or may just sit on 144.060MHz depending on how many I’m expecting. But whatever, I fancy a play on 2m CW, so set your alarms…!


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I doubt you’d get many complaints if you called for SOTA contacts on 144.300 or if you used Gerald’s own frequency of 144.333/432.333.

Indeed not! I would however just like to say that they are not my frequencies - I just use 144.333 and 432.222 under licence :-))

Actually I do use CW on occasion on those two frequencies and there has never been a complaint. I am more than happy to take CW calls from people that prefer the mode or are having difficulty with my signals on SSB and I will reply using CW. I have tried adding CW to an activation by QSYing to 144.050MHz and calling - result: zilch, despite having forwarned the Yahoo 2m CW Group!

73, Gerald

When the going gets tough theres nothing wrong in reverting to CW on 144.300 to arrange a QSY. Random CQ’s on 144.050 is probably going to be a lonely experience. Recently 4m SpE has seen loads of qso’s on or around 70.2 on cw and it works well. Not for rag-chewing obviously.


Today I picked up 2 QSOs by being on the QRG I had alerted and self-spotted - 144.060.

I picked up a further, unsolicited, QSO from a CQ call on 144.050.

A CW CQ call on 144.300 produced nothing.