2E0YYY completes NW S2S

Many congratulations Mike on chasing all GW/NW summits S2S - quite an achievement which must have required considerable dedication! The last 2 summits, NW-055 and NW-061, were worked today.

Very well done - it’s been a pleasure to work you from so many summits!

Karen 2E0XYL

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well done mick i only need five more you would think i would have them all living amongst them i will be on your pirch on tuesday sp-004 with M0GIA another sean
73s mick DE MW3PZO

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Well done on such a amazing feat mickey all the best Dave M3XIE

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Well done Mike & it was very nice to hear you working Barry on GW/NW-055 earlier, you did sound pleased :slight_smile:

While working Dave G6DTN/P on Shining Tor later in the afternoon he mentioned that he had passed you while you were descending. His comment went something along the lines of “I was expecting a fit young lad, but he’s the same age as me!”

I would take that as a compliment!

Thanks for all the contacts & best 73,


Hi Mike

Congratulations on your achievement. What’s next?


Allan GW4VPX

That is amazing. Chasing is so much harder in many ways than activating; it’s the lack of control.

I only completed chasing WB last week (Garway) and not only is it nearly two years since I completed activating it but the furthest one (Wrekin) is only about 50 miles from home.

When I heard you today you disappeared into the noise as I picked up the mike :frowning:

Very pleased that you are getting about again and hope to speak soon,

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Congratulations Mike on your achievement. Always a pleasure to work you. Pete M1CNL & Gill M6TAD

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Big congratulations to Mike on a job well done. Glad I was on the summit to witness it. To Russ who was the final summit Mike needed, he is torn between buying you a crate of beer or a bottle of whisky for making it possible hi. We had a nice pint in the cat & fiddle after the activation & enjoyed meeting Dave M0DFA/ G6DTN on the way down.

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Very well done Mike. A fantastic achievement. How about the South Wales ones next? We are trying to finish off activating the final 7 (6 for Rod) summits in south Wales in the next 3 days if we can survive the heat/severe thunderstorms which are forecast. The ones round Swansea and then Cardiff but you may have to stand on tiptoe to talk to me on 2m FM!
Best wishes Viki M6BWA

Many thanks to all the activators for the many GW/NW s2s contacts, especially Karen, Vicki and Rod.

There have been countless GW activators, I’ve worked who have made a much bigger effort than me for the s2s contacts. However, without the help of Barry MW0IML, for me, working every GW/NW summit, as a summit to summit contact, would have been virtually impossible.

Barry, you demonstrated what the SOTA spirit is all about by activating so many of the rare and difficult GW/NW summits including the one point slogs, that I was desperate to get into my log.

Many of the NW summits you activated, were done for no points whatsoever, however, despite this, you still made the effort to help me complete what turned out to be something a very challenging task.

Thanks to the s2s programme, your efforts didn’t go totally unrewarded and I’m pleased to see we’re now neck and neck in the s2s chase.

Barry, you’ll be sorely missed activating the many challenging North Wales summits, that you so effortlessly climb in what can only be described as eye watering times!!!

However, working you s2s fron the SE summits will be something I’m sure all the chasers will relish and hopefully we can continue to make many more s2s contacts in the future. Good luck with your s2s chasing and hopefully you’ll grab a shed load of points from down South…

In reply to Vicki and Allan.

Of the 40 Mid Wales SOTA summits, I’ve managed s2s with 21 of then and I fear working all these summits as s2s contacts may be nigh impossible.

Of the 41 South Wales summits, I’ve managed s2s contacts with just 15 and my best guess is, GW/SW will be a summit to summit task too far for me and will probably never be completed

Thanks to everyone who responded.

73 Mike

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Hi Mike

I am very pleased to have been of help. No problem for me - I just love climbing hills!

What a shame that NW-077 has taken so long to come on line because I was hoping to do that before leaving Wales - it was re-surveyed last Friday and we are still waiting! Perhaps until I have left?

Good luck Mickey.


Congratulations Mike on chasing all the GW/NW SOTA summits as summit to summits. I hope you manage to chase GW/NW-077 as a summit to summit when it is added to the SOTA programme.

Jimmy M(D)0HGY

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It was great fun to be on Shining Tor with you and see you haul in so many 12m contacts.

Working Russ M6RGF from Y Golfa, really made my day. Thanks for activating the summit for the second time this year, Russ. You really seemed to be enjoying your pile up.

73 Mike

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Good stuff Mickey. However I’m sure you are now grumpy at missing Mull Hill GD/GD-005 yesterday. No matter, I’ll try to put it on at least once more before coming home. Keep a sharp eye on the Alerts though. Our plans are changing like the weather - because of the weather.


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Thanks Tom.

Not as grumpy as missing the Snowden and Scafell Pike s2s!

It was all Inkys fault for dragging me down to the Cat and Fiddle :wink:

Seen your alert for Thursday, but I’ll keep an eye out for any changes

73 Mike

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Mike an absolute pleasure to have been the last summit on your list…even though it was warm up on the summit, as soon as I had made contact with you I had a ferret round in my rucksack to pull out my Fred Dibnah cap…I put it on just for a minute so I could doff my cap to you…fantastic achievement and you certainly deserved to have that headache this morning.
Well Mickey as I have said before, without that first ever contact I had with 2E0YYY/P I would have never unearthed such a fantastic pastime.

Oh one for Inky as well…no need for the case of ale or the scotch as I dont drink…wonder if you took a photograph of the old boy on the summit…if so would like a copy of that.

Your correct Mike I was enjoying the pile up.
I too had a fantastic day…2 Red Kites circling right above me…a motocross event due NW…2 Steam trains due SW…and some amazing golf shots being played…oh and a bit of radio work…all in all a great day, finished off with a nice steak dinner and an hour in the evening with the night scope set looking into the forest on the hill watching the badgers playing.

Must not forget a thankyou to Karen 2E0XYL for giving me a sanity check when it all went quiet on me and I thought I had broken a wire in my microphone cable.

Well done Mike, its always a pleasure to work you.



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Congratulations Mike! Great achievement.