2E0RXX on The Cloud video

Heres a link to another video on youtube
Operating SOTA from the Cloud in Cheshire - YouTube Thanks Sean

Rapid work Sean. I see that the activation was after dark today. Has young Liam got his licence through yet, and if so, did he do his SOTA debut? Don’t forget - you and Greg (and Liam?) - to submit your log entries to the Database. Our local hill needs all the help it can get in maintaining it as the most activated summit in SOTA!

Anyway, nice to see I’m not the only eccentric who goes up The Cloud after work, at night in Winter! Now, will you be following my trendsetting ways by undertaking a pre-work activation, before light in the morning???

Cheers, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:
Tom i did no operating at all and neither did M1BYH, by the time Greg finished his telescopic antenna on the 290 had frozen! So we went as we were all just as cold HI. Now i know its a case of getting the local hill the most used for SOTA i willmake the effort next time. Liam has not got his call sign yet as there was some sort of problem logging on ? Listen out on Boxing day thats all im saying. Sean / 2e0bax

Doh - four activators up there and only one activation! I look forward to you redeeming yourselves on Boxing Day, and especially to Liam’s big day - hope it comes through in time. There should be three or four of us up there on Christmas Day morning, which should be fun. Don’t forget to post your Alerts for Boxing Day - click on the Alerts link above.

73, Tom

In reply to M1EYP:
Activating didnt workout with one band and WX and but boxing day should bring about some different ideas and hopefully more than one band! We shall see and oh keep an eye out on the youtube account there may be more vid clips added. Sean / 2e0bax