2E0NVJ/P - Incorrect summit info- GW/NW042; 24/6/1

Apologies to all for giving the incorrect summit info at the start of activating GW/NW042 Moel y Gamelin at 1215hrs (UTC)on Sunday 24/6/12. Setting up the station was fraught in high winds and got worse through a ‘senior confusion’ which led to me giving the summit out as NW043.
Stations given ‘duff info’ were; Bob G6ODU, Karen 2E0XYL, Peter 2E0LKC, Ann 2E0LMD, Richard 2E0RCB/M, David M3XIE, Roger MW0IDX, Richard M3ECW/P, Douggie M6PYD/M. I hope they catch this posting.
My thanks to Brian G4ZRP, whose comments regarding the effect of the transmitting masts ‘lifted the curtain’ revealing the error and correcting the situation.
Once again apologies to all for the error.

In reply to 2E0NVJ:
Many thanks Colin G6ODU Bob 73s