2E0BTR Mountain Goat

Many congratulations Geoff on completing your Mountain Goat today on Titterstone Clee Hill WB-004. Despite the cold and windy conditions it was excellent to be on the Summit with you!

Hopefully will activate some more summits with yourself, Dave M0MYA and David M0YDH!! Equally I look forward to chasing your excellent 2m SSB signal when I’m at home!!

I know you won’t have logged the points by the time I write this but we all know you have the magical 1000!!

Congrats again Mate you deserve it after all the hardwork!

73 Cheers and Beers

Matt ‘Taios’ 2E0XTL

Congratulations Geoff,

Congratulations Geoff!
Sorry to miss the activation.

73 Graham G4FUJ

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Congratulations Geoff. Happy New Year

73 Graham g4JZF

Many congratulations Geoff on what you have achieved - completed in true style with an activation on your local lump. Always the gentleman and always a pleasure to speak to you, generally S2S and often when you have waited for me to appear on 2m SSB, having completed your own activation.

I cannot imagine that you will be hanging up your boots or your equipment, so best wishes for your continued involvement in SOTA. I very much look forward to the next S2S.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Congratulations to Geoff. Well earned. I’ve enjoyed our joint activations immensely starting with the two long trips to drive-on summits while I was on crutches in 2009. I hope for many more SOTA adventures together.
I was a little late arriving at Titterstone Clee Hill from the Stiperstones so tuned my 817 in to channel Geoff [144.320 ssb] and worked him from the car park to be 11th in the log. When I arrived on the summit plateau a few minutes later the wind strength was intense and I decided that erecting my HF antenna, even behind a radar building, wasn’t a good idea. A snapped mast seemed a certainty. I found Geoff and Matt near the trig point sheltering in the lee of the slope. I spoke to Don G0RQL on 2m ssb after Geoff. Matt 2E0XTL let me use 23cm FM for my first contacts on the band with Stewart G0LGS and Matt using club call G1SHM. I had a long chat with Mike G8CMU in Ross on Wye on 2m FM where I learned that I could make a 10GHz transceiver using parts from a traffic light signalling set.
After that Matt opened a bottle of Ludlow Gold beer for Geoff to drink at the Trig point [while leaning 30 degrees into the wind] and being photographed on this auspicious occasion. We retreated to the car park where Geoff warmed some Mrs Passey’s Ham and Sweet Corn Chowder on the gas stove in the back of his estate car for a welcome meal. There were waves in my soup bowl - it was that windy!
Sorry for the lack of HF today. There’ll be other occasions. Well done Geoff.

David M0YDH

ps thanks to the 9 stations who answered my calls from G/WB-003 The Stiperstones this morning - a splendid hill because of the natural wind shelter afforded by the Stiperstones on the ridge themselves.

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Congratulations Geoff on gaining Mountain Goat status.

I was hoping to work you today from G/SP-008 Boulsworth Hill but the weather was dire, with very strong wind & heavy rain. I did manage to get my 60m dipole up, although lower than I would like, but given the conditions I decided against 80m ssb, or 80m cw which I was going to try for the first time from a summit today.

Definitely the worst weather I have experienced on an activation!

I did manage an S2S with Dave M0MYA, which was very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Once again, congratulations :slight_smile:

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Well done Geoff,pleasure chasing you.73 Don.

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Many congratulations Geoff. So glad I was able to work you from home QTH today - we don’t have the best antenna system! It was great to meet up with you on Beacon Ring in November.

Great achievement! Well done!


Karen 2E0XYL (and Neil 2E0TDX)

ps. Thanks to you and David for the contacts on our activations!

Well done Geoff on achieving your Mountain Goat award. You were one of the first contacts I had on starting SOTA in 2008, and I have enjoyed your activations on GW & WB summits since. It is always nice to have a brief chat with you, and your operations are a model of how it should be done, friendly yet efficient. Well done.


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Many congratulations to Geoff, 2E0BTR, on the Mountain Goat. I very much hope you will keep going for the “Double Goat” or whatever award may be the next in line; perhaps the 1000 Uniques would be a good target :slight_smile:

Hoping for many more contacts, 73,

Rod, m0jla (and Viki, m6bwa)

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Hi Geoff

Congrats on reaching the dizzy heights! And many thanks for all the contacts over the years. Looking forward to many more :slight_smile:

vy 73 de Paul G4MD

Congratulations Geoff :o)


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Excellent achievement Geoff, it has took me two years and not quite a quarter goat yet!!!

Well Done, again something for us mere mortals to aim for!!!



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Here is a pic of Geoff and Company on a very Windy WB-004! Note the bottle of Ludlow Gold in his hand!!



Well done again Geoff

73 Matt 2E0XTL

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Congratulations Geoff. Very well done indeed.
A great achievement and in such a short time too.
Makes my efforts seem a bit poor…
Trust the beer was great!

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Many thanks to everyone for their congratulations and kind comments.
Looking back I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every one of them, even if a few of them were a tad fraught due to poor weather conditions.
As regards to hanging up the boots, it never even crossed my mind and I hope to be out in Mid Wales this weekend to start the next 1000 points. Hope to speak to many of you then.

To David M0YDH & Matt 2E0XTL, thanks for the fine company on the hills & the sometimes tedious car journeys, I look forward to many more.

To Mike G0XAE, no promises for CW with our next QSO but I won’t keep you waiting to long, all that time and patience needs to be rewarded soon.

73 es keep chasing

Geoff (2E0BTR)

I see this news reached the Southgate ARC web site a couple of days ago: