250 Up

I only spotted this now when reviewing the log for today’s activation on The Minch Moor SS-133. Apparently that was my 250th activation. I was blissfully unaware of this when choosing SS-133 for today. The Minch Moor was one of my 1st activations when I was just starting SOTA. I can rememeber all those years ago (27/12/2006) thinking just how hard can 2x 2pts summits really be. Well for someone who had just started exercising the answer was very! I was driven on by the reward of getting to play radio and the novelty of having my own pileup. Since then, I’ve always tried to activate SS-133 around this time but sometimes the WX has put the kybosh on that. Once more today I was accompanied by my long suffering XYL so there were bonus glamour points for all who worked me :slight_smile:

With lots of other non-SOTA activities during the Christmas period we didn’t have too much time to spend so it was a bit of a smash and grab on 60m only. Had I realised it was #250 I’d have put a bit more of a show on. But still I’d like to thank everyone who called in today. 0DX was Terje LA8BCA. I’m always wary of working on 60M and not using FE, there was a net going flat out on FE when I became QRV. I was able to spot myself on FL and so drum up a few chasers. I think special mention is due to the net on FE at the time. They were experts at holding that frequency, sub-femto second gaps between overs and at least one of them must have been breathing through his ears to be able to speak for so long non-stop. He put G3LEQ to shame :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who has worked me on the last 250 activations. Your support is noted and very much appreciated.


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Well done Andy and 2006 - you’ve only just started. HNY, John.

Well done Andy,tnx for the Mrs FMF bonus points.I worked you on that one in 27/12/06 but don’t think the bonus points were available. 73 Don.

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Well done Andy. Very few of your 250 activations have been easy ones. In time you’ll hopefully be looking forward to your 500th. :slight_smile:

73 es HNY, Gerald G4OIG

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I was more than dischuffed missing you! All set-up having spent all morning re-rigging the HF antenna after our storms, realised FE was full so was scanning the frequencies to see if you popped up. Xyl needed me to look after the emporium, missed you!!

I was only after the glamour points too!!!

Congratulations on 250 activations

Barry GM4TOE

Congratulations Andy on 250 SOTA activations.

Jimmy (M3EYP/MM)