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25 Unique S2S on G/SP-007

Activation Report for Fair Snape Fell G/SP-007 05.08.09 11.30 UTC:

This was to be a Midweek Activation,something I havent done for a while. 16th South Pennine Summit leaving me one more to do after this. Set off in Peak time Traffic from Home hoping for not too many problems on M6! Getting to Park Spot at Saddle End Farm with two hours to Alert time. This route was decided as the best for me although it being longer the steepness was reduced from the route via Parlick from Fell Foot. Once past the Farm Buildings the path follows round and over Wards End and onwards to Saddle Fell. Struggling slightly as rocky path after Wards End full of loose Gravel.

Once getting past Saddle Fell the elevation levels off and a welcome plateau gives some relief to the legs. The area around here looked more like being on the moon, barren and a bit eerie, a feeling of being totally alone came on me until reaching the fence. This is where I got my first view of the Larger Cairn on the summit of Fair Snape Fell on the left,only about 20 mins to Trig from here through some boggy bits.

Setting up in the four room Stone Shelter,with beam facing northish to LD hoping for S2S with 2E0EDX. Heard G1OPV/P on LD-011 and called in with S2S on 1st contact in log,getting excited as I only need one more for my 25 Uniques. I scanned looking for the others who were up today and was informed Ian had gone up early and was on his way to some Wainwrights. 8 more contacts on 2M FM,it went quiet so decided to have lunch and then try the other bands. 2M SSB,no Joy, 70cm SSB,no joy and finally 6M SSB,again no joy? Just as I was about to pack up with 9 contacts including one S2S,I scanned 2m FM for a final time and Eureka I found Gordon GW0EWN/P on 145.425 giving me a 5-2 until I turned the Beam around and got him 5-9+ from NW-011. After swapping reports I let him know he was my 25th unique S2S and was most grateful to him for that!!!

Decided to do a circular walk and started my descent following the path down past side of Parlick. Lovely views of Blackpool,Morecombe Bay and The Lakes as the sunshine had come out while up on Summit. looking at my Etrex and the map, My etrex was showing a path on the southside of Parlick that would bring me closer to Wolfen hall and then a path back to gate at Saddle End Farm. So I followed the Etrex path ,which had done me well all day keeping me left on way up and giving me a steep but shorter route back to car.

Overall, a Lovely summit for views,plenty of room for antennas and getting my 25 uniques was a bonus,and this 16 down 1 to go for SP’s.

All 10 Contacts on 2m FM: G1OPV/P,S2S, G4RQJ, G7OEM, G4MYU, G1OHH, M3TMX good to hear Jordan on today, Then a slightly different callsign from Mike GW0DSP/M Mobile on Hols in Wales,glad to get you in log with /M, Faithful G4BLH, G0IYQ/M, and last but not least my S2S with GW0EWN/P thanks again Gordon!!!

Thanks to all who contacted me up there, all in Database and couple of pics on Flicker, one of me was a timed picture as I was on my own this time round, had to set up camera on my brolley and run in to pose with mic in hand.



In reply to 2E0LAE:

A very nice report Tony.

Congratulations on getting 25 uniques & also almost completing all 17 SP summits :slight_smile:

Weekday activations are always going to be more difficult as many people will be at work & away from a radio. I’m glad you got all the contacts you needed & the bonus S2S.

Fair Snape Fell is a very prominent hill when viewed from the area of Blackburn I live in, but strangely I have never climbed it. The route up Parlick does look a little daunting to say the least so your suggested easier route is certainly one I will consider. I’m glad you had good weather, as I am certain the view from the shelter & on the way down Parlick is quite something.

I took part in VHF national field day with Tony G8ONK from Jeffrey Hill, which is at one end of Longridge fell & has wonderful views of Fair Snape, Parlick & the other Bowland fells. Over the weekend we had all sorts of weather from Thunder & torrential rain, to glorious sunshine. Very early on the Sunday morning the view was spectacular as a layer of cloud partially obscured the fells to the north of us. Visibility was excellent though & Tony used the opportunity to take some photos of our antennas. It doesn’t really do the view justice but at the bottom of this photo you can see the layer of cloud washing over Fair Snape. Flickr has shrunk the photo, but I think you will get the idea :wink:


I hope to work you again very soon.


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:

Hi Mark,

Really impressed with Antenna farm there and 4 ele beam must have worked well!!??

Fair snape fell,was 16 out of 17 so one more to go SP-003 which Im doing on August Bank Holiday sunday?

Hope to catch you from up there?