25/09 - Yorkshire Three Peaks


This coming 25th, i am walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks, raising money for my sons school.

I will be taking my trusty DJ-F1 2m FM handie, and will attempt to activate each summit as i pass over it. However, im part of a group and we may have only a few minutes on each summit for a brief stretch and breather, before marching on.

I will self spot by SMS, and post an alert in advance. But its likely i will be very pushed for time, and will have to resort to almost rubber stamp QSOs in order to fit them in, and may have to stop once the required four are reached.

That said, i would appreciate as many QSOs as i can make, so please listen for me and be ready to call! Please also spot me if you work or hear me!

I will try and come on air a short while before the actual activations, probably to call my friend and colleage who i will ask to do an initial spot.

It may or may not work, who knows? but i shall attempt to do a triple activation of the three peaks!

Martin G7MRV

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Martin, you could make full use of the AZ and operate whilst crossing the summit as well as when resting, that might make it easier to qualify the activations. Good luck, anyway, lets hope you get an Indian Summer!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Brian,

yes, that would be my intention, come up on air as soon as i hit the edge of the zone, then hopefully will be done by the time im at the opposite edge!

I will of course have to check my maps to see what this is in terms of real distance for each of the three summits. I know for Ingleborough its quite broad, but still probably only a few minutes if walking straight over!

Hopefully, the others in the group will want to enjoy the view or have a brew…

I might test operating the handheld whilst its attached to my chest strap (the telescopic whip should be mostly in the clear) otherwise im going to have trouble logging the contacts!

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Just a blatent ‘bump’ to throw this thread back up to the top of the reflector!

all is still on for saturday. Please note that the times ive given in the alerts are very aproximate and will depend on just how hard going i find it.

I would very much appreciate spots from anyone i work.

But please note the following -

I am primarily there to raise funds via the three peaks challenge, SOTA is secondary, and i wont have time to stop. Please be happy with a ‘rubber stamp’ QSO so i can make as many contacts within the few minutes i will have at each summit. First summit will be early in the morning!

Please note that i am on battery power from a single battery, i have no spare. If power is low, i may not be able to activate Ingleborough, which is the last summit on the walk

cheers, hope to hear you on saturday!


PS - feel free to ‘sponsor’ me! http://www.fohs.net/home

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All the best for your challenge tomorrow Martin. Hope the weather is okay for you and that the “locals” are ready waiting for your appearance on 2m FM from each of the summits.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Good luck Martin, I hope to be around on 2m FM to work you on at least one, if not all 3 summits. So far the WX looks promising for Saturday but as you know, it can change very quickly.

Mark G0VOF

Many thanks to all who managed to work me on one or more of the peaks today, for helping to qualify all three and make the day a success!

My appologies to anyone who tried but couldnt work me due to my having moved on, Whernside and Ingleborough proved impossible to get a phone signal until right at the summit, so i was relying on the spot appearing online before i have run out of time, something which may have been a close run. As soon as there was no response to two or more cq’s i had to get on with the walk!

Not only were all three activations successful, but i managed to complete the challange within the alloted 12h (11h 5mins!)


Martin G7MRV