24-point summit?

There are quite a few examples of summits with 2 different references, but I’ve just found a triple. EA3/BC-005, EA3/GI-013 and EA3/LL-043 are all the same physical summit, Penyes Altes. So I guess that means there’s 24 points up for grabs for anyone who activates it, erm, them.

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Whilst we`re on about anomalies, the next activation showing for me on upcoming activations is S56IHX on S5/BI-004 on 10th Oct 2012 !!! hmmmm

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It would appear to be an anomoly with Spotlite. I did a quick test and was able to get a malformed spot date. I’ve deleted my test and that alert as it was invalid in someway. I shall let Jon know.


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And if you are looking, where this Summit is (are)??? in France hihi on an altitude of 2276m … unbelievable. Click on the summit-information to “google-map” and …it is really in central-France… :wink:
73 Peter

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Good job its not on some four way international border ;0)

Plus Winter bonus!

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I think it may be the summit at 42°18’23"N 1°50’33"E


Mark G0VOF

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Its a known problem from a co-ordinate system mix-up that will get corrected in the near future, but in the meantime, for your enjoyment, try:

and click on any of the EA3 regions such as BC!


Brian G8ADD

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And if you are looking, where this Summit is (are)??? in France

That is simply the systematic error in the EA coordinates which was noted some time ago (confusion between UTM and Lat/Lon).

The coordinates are actually N42.3081 E1.8436. The positions are corrected in my summits.kmz file, updated today and just uploaded to the usual places.

I noticed the triple because I’d previously made a mistake in my re-postioning of EA/BC-00[1-5], and was checking out the corrected corrections. EA5 has apparently now been fixed in the database proper, but EA3 and EA4 are still bad.

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Nice region anyway. I have been to Puigmal 2910 m F/PE-017, which is probably same as EA3/GI-002. The photos


For me it seemed that 3000 m there is easier than on Alps, but could be also wrong on this. There are quite many famous mountains there on the Pyrenees.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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This i think is ok, the coordinates in table are wrong.
73 and gl