24/24 Challenge - All WB Summits in 24 Hours

24/24 Challenge - All WB Summits in 24 Hours

Hello to everyone, this is just a short update for the 24/24 charity event.

The 24/24 Challenge is an attempt to activate all the G/WB Summits in 24 hours. Black Mountain which was G/WB-001 and is now GW/SW-041 will be included in the challenge.

The team is hoping to attempt the challenge on the weekend of the 10/11th May 2008. Please can you support us on this event and sponsor me Barry(2E0PXW) and Steve (G1INK). All proceeds will go to Alder Hey Childrens hospital.

There is now room for one more support team member/chaser as Mick (2E0HJD) has now dropped out due to his non involvement in SOTA. If any one wants to help, can they please email Mike GW0DSP at news@summitsbase.org.uk

There is a possibility that Don (G0NES) may be following the team on the challenge, chasing from his own car, but he can’t fully commit to the team, hence the one extra chaser place is available.

Anyone who is prepared to sponsor me to raise money for this very worthy cause, please email me at m3pxw(AT)hotmail.co.uk for a sponsorship form.

Thank You

Barry 2E0PXW


Is there any sort of schedule, even just a list of the expected sequence or any clue of likely timings ?

I need G/WB-011 to complete all WB’s as a Chaser and some idea of a time-slot in which to listen (and hopefully work this one) would be useful.

Matt M3WDS or myself will try to listen for as many of them as possible anyway, but having a time slot to aim for will help.


In reply to G0LGS:

Hi Stewart, details will be releared next week, but basically an estimated 04:00utc start on the first summit, the summits order will be wb-001/sw041, 013, 024, 021, 019, 009, 022, 023, 020, 008, 011, 016, 017, 012, 002, 004, 018, 014, 015, 007, 003, 005, 006, 010.

Watch the reflector for an update next week, more importantly contact Barry for a sponsor form or download one.
Print both sides, front & back of the sponsorship form which can be found on these links…



No need to download this, it is just the letter of authentication from the charity. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7429709@N08/2043371841/sizes/l/

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to 2E0PXW:

Will there be any 2 mtr SSB or is it as advertised FM only . Many Thanks

In reply to G0TRB:

Due to the nature of the challenge and time being the crucial element, it has to be 2m-fm with H/helds an Rubber ducks.

73 Mike GW0DSP