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23cms activated every Sunday

Hi, guys. Tony, g6ypk is here to inform you that every Sunday, (rain or shine (honest)) I will be QRV 23cms on Burton Dassett Hills Country Park near Gaydon, 2 miles north of Junction 12 M40 6 miles north of Banbury. I will be mainly using ssb, but will use FM should I be called on 2m (144.175) and on 70cms 433.500)).
Kit will be a home brew twin 16 element slot fed, in the H plane.
However, I can set the antenna vertical should you prefer. I’m very flexible. The transceiver is the IC-9700 all mode, plus D-star. However, I will also have the IC-ID1 (20W FM) monitoring on 1297.500 on a 18x 1/2 wave dipole V plane for you chaps with FM only. If I can get a small generator (I’ve a 10KVA diesel genny that is too heavy move) to be portable, then I will be QRO (200W) from the Gemini 23cms PA. Look me up on QRZ.com
73 de Tony g6ypk

Somewhere around SP 396519 ?

Old Timer’s coordinates 52° 9′ 51.93″ N, -&- -1° 25′ 17.31″ W
Decimal: = 52.164425N, & -1.421475W

I’m trying to recall when I last heard someone exchange a lat&long rather than a BNG or Maidenhead locator. Or even a QRA locator!

Approx times?

I normally start about 1pm zulu and finish about 5pm

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