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23cm on 23

Hi folks,

For 23 on 23, (23cm on 23 Feb), I plan to activate Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 from 1900h local till sunset 1950h.

I will operate on 23cm 1296.150 MHz SSB or FM and just for chaser fun, 13cm 2403.150 MHz.

What are you doing for 23 on 23?

73, Andrew VK1AD


23cm on 23 Feb pictures from Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040

Chasers worked on 23cm: VK1RX/P S2S at VK1/AC-038, VK1DSH, VK1JA, VK2COW, VK1MA and VK1KW.

Six QSOs on 23cm in VK1 is a fantastic result :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1AD


Well done.
I could not quite follow the coax route. What is the box in the middle?
Stuart G1ZAR

Hi Stuart

A homebrew 2m/70cm duplexer. I could use a 12v RF relay however a relay is often a failure point.

IF input power to each SG-LAB transverter is set at 1 watt.


Andrew VK1AD

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Why not just set the 817 to do 2m on the rear antenna connector and 70cms on the front one? Then you would save the losses and weight of the duplexer?

With the exception of last evening, I usually have a 2m antenna connected to the rear port.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Andrew VK1AD