23cm interest

Is there any interest in 23cm nationally as an activation freq? I live in the Welsh Borders, so If you’re interested in 23cm in mid wales, Shropshire, Herefordshire I’m interested.

Mark M0DEV

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Yes yes yes! And frequencies up from there :wink:

I may still get up one or more of the hills in south west Scotland before the end of October (when the caravan site we use closes for the winter) so would be very pleased to arrange a sked. It might be tricky but by no means impossible - on 23cm I would be using my usual 3-4 watts to a 15-ele with the home brew transverter. SSB preferred especially for DX attempts but can do FM too if needed.

Hope to work you soon from a summit (or even sometime in the UKAC - I always operate /P as my home site is useless, so sometimes get out where I have a good takeoff to the south).

If you want to take this further offline then try gm8oti (at) googlemail.com (though I don’t read it every day, I use it mostly for contests etc.)


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The answer is yes. Have a look in the database with the results filtered for 23 to see who is active.


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Absolutely! I regularly operate 23cm from Anglesey (Mynydd Bodafon). 1W FM with a 19 element beam. Expect a fair bit of interest as people who operate on the band will ‘spot’ you or even text their friends to alert them.

If things are quiet, announce on 2m and 70cm that you’re 23cm-capable to get the ball rolling. Also, check GB3SE in Stoke for 23cm propagation.

It’s a very friendly band and people are always delighted to get the most out of it. You won’t get pile-ups, but the QSO-satisfaction is far higher. Good luck!


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In your opinion, do you NEED the 19 element beam? I guess it’s fairly portable, though…

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You can start with a rubber helical, build a double-quad and then try a beam… Yes, the 19 element is very portable and ideal for SOTA. It raises my ERP to 50W. My friend MW0IML just uses a helical and worked Coventry from Snowdon the other week…

Have a look at my blog site http://mw0dnk.blogspot.co.uk for a review of the Alinco DJ-G7 with comments on 23cm, plus a quick blog about the Sandpiper 23cm beam I use. Also there is a link on the right hand side of my page to Ross G6GVI’s excellent 23cm site which is essential reading.

73, Rob.

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do you NEED the 19 element beam?

Do the maths…

Free space path loss 144MHz over 100km = 115dB
Free space path loss 1296MHz over 100km = 134dB

Path loss degradation = 19dB.

So if you radiate 1W at on 144MHz and measure the SNR at the far end you will need 19dBW more on 1296MHz for the same SNR. Which is approx 80W.

Either you need more ERP at the TX end or more received signal at the RX end.

A 19 ele Yagi is cheaper than an 80W amp! You can roll your own for coppers as everything you need is sold at B&Q.


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Hi Mark

I live on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border in Ludlow!

I have been using 23cm on my activations for about 2 years now, I did use my Alinco G7 at 1 watt into an 11 ele beam. However now I am using a homebrew quadruple quad!

Search G8XYJ on Flickr and it will bring up my photos of 23cm activity!

If you need any help then don’t hesitate to email me on my address at qrz.com!


Matt G8XYJ

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Hi Mark,

QRV using a Standard C710 triband handheld, 280mW to a quadruple quad. Currently activating GM/SS summits, so not much action up there unless someone goes out specifically to make an S2S, but possibly back in the Welsh border area this winter using my other callsign and running 23cms in conjunction with 70cms.

Sometimes I carry my 15 over 15 yagi and I have a homebrew transverter as well, but at 2kg it generally stays in the shack!

Maybe catch you later in the year.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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In reply to M0DEV:

A 19 ele Yagi is cheaper than an 80W amp! You can roll your own for
coppers as everything you need is sold at B&Q.





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TY! Looks very neat. And 23cm looks like a runner…