23cm in G/WB - any interest?

Having acquired an Alinco DJ-G7, I’m wondering if there are any local chasers who would be interested in, well, chasing using 23cm?

I saw a couple of old posts on the old reflector regarding just this, but I’d like to gauge the interest now if possible.

I guess that I’m going to have to build or cough buy a better antenna than the 6 inch jobby on the handy. I guess a bi-quad would be somewhat better, or even a small yagi, or colinear?



I have a double quad that works and also a 3 ele PCB Yagi. The Yagi is so cute and works well.

With 23cms there are people with handies or full blown stations. It’s just a case of making a big stink and getting everyone who can to actually do some 23cms all active at the same time.

Ah yes, I forgot about PCB yagis, I’ll take a look, thanks for the reminder!

Hi Don

I have 23cm capability, can reach most G/WB summits from home. Have 10 watts and various beams that can be put up pretty quickly.

Equally have the Alinco DJG7, good radio when used in conjunction with a decent antenna.I have two antennas that I use with it, they are a G4OIG inspired Quadruple Quad and an 11 ele beam made by Sandpiper. The Sandpiper people no longer publish the beam on their website, however for a quick call they agreed to make a spare for me. I even at one point added some 2m elements so I had dual band operation on one boom.

The PCB, I have the Big wheel and the Yagi, they seem OK, but I always thought that my clumsy ways would damage them, so left them at home!

Gerald G4OIG is a good point of reference to ask, as is Karen 2E0XYL - They’ve done most of the UK activating on the band. If you want to see my Quadruple Quad I am only in Ludlow, so can happily show you (email me if you wish) it’s rather basic but works well. I copied the design here http://mw0idx.co.uk/quadruplequad.html and scaled it down for 23cm working on the basis of 433 x 3 = 1299 (somewhere near)!

In terms of chasers in the area, the best bet is to try and aim some RF at Cheltenham on a weekend. You have Stewart G0LGS, Matt 2E0MDJ, Grham G4FUJ and Graham G3VKV all active on the band. Equally in our area Don, there is Alan G7RHF, You and I. Head over to the Black Country then you have G3XEV in Sedgley and G4TCU in Dudley. Then to the North, if you’re on Wrekin the TDARS lot have quite a few active 23cmers.

It might be prudent to program GB3SE into the radio. This is the Stoke 23cm Repeater, I have used this to ask people if they will try a simplex QSO and that has worked. However the output is 1297.075, when I am up Clee Hill, I seem to get some weird interference or Sproggy from the 24cm gear that is up there, so just be mindful of that. Andy FMF is your best source of knowledge on what is up there now as he has previously stated what is up there ISTR.

Finally if you’re in the Flintshire area (Technically not G/WB) then you have MW1FGQ as well as the Bolton area to beam at.

Hope that Helps

It makes me think I should change the 2/70cm colinear at home and put up a 2/70/23cm colinear!


Matt G8XYJ

Hi Don,

I should be able to reach some G/WB summits from here - the northern most ones at least. I will need an hours notice to swap out the 70cm beam for the 23cm beam.

Andy G8MIA.

Hi Don,

Matt has given you an effective run down on the G/WB 23cms possibilities. I usually use the quadruple quad (not my design by any means, but a scaled version of the 70cm design published by Richard GW0VMW and which can be seen here - http://mw0idx.co.uk/quadruplequad.html Initially I used coax braid for the elements, but changed that for brass tubing with the corners reinforced by carefully bent coathanger off-cuts. It is a bit battered now, but still works. I also have a Jaybeam 15 over 15 which is extremely robust and is an effective antenna, but weighs quite a bit and since 23cm is a second (or even third) string in my bow, then the lighter quadruple quad usually wins out most times.

If you are considering activating on the band, might I suggest that you collect a few email addresses for the calls that Matt has mentioned and then send out a round-robin email before you go out. Trawling the database for recent activity might be worthwhile and add a few more possibilities. Then there is the 23cm session of the monthly activity contest to consider, now practical with the lighter evenings. I need to get a few more WB HuMPs under my belt, so could possibly organise that to coincide with your outings.

73, Gerald G4OIG

What is needed is a funday/fun weekend event much as the AM weekend.

Run several VHF/UHF/SHF themed events in parallel so you get plenty of opportunity for 4m/2m/70cms/23cms S2S for the activators and likewise a range of bands for the chasers. There are many people with 23cms (or 4m) capabilities but because activity is low they don’t bother hauling the extra gear along. If the purpose is lots of odd bands combined with bread&butter 2m/70cms contacts then it becomes worthwhile throwing the 23cms or 4m handy into the bag.

Combine it with another attempt at the VEB “Vintage Electric Handbag” event and you can encourage people to take their IC202/Linear 2/FT290/TR-2300 etc. off the shelf or out onto the hills as well.

The reflector is here for someone to step up to the plate and organise and promote the event. Just don’t pick May 1st 2016 as I will be unavailable that weekend!

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Just for fun, and after getting irate at too many people on the phone, I jumped in the car and drove up to the Long Mynd this afternoon.
Not to the trig, or activation zone, just to the Pole Cottage car park, managed 2 easy QSOs with two the aforementioned people in the Black Country 5/8 - 5/9 with the stock antenna, couldn’t get to the Stoke repeater until I drove a bit back to Church Stretton (probably obviously :slight_smile: ) But more than happy with the radio, and some bits are on order for messing about with antennas too. I may be in touch regarding taking a look at the antenna.



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It can be quite amazing just how far that 1 watt with the stock rubber duck!

Pleased you had some success Don.

If you plan an activation with 23cm, as per Gerald’s recommendations. Send out a joint email to chasers and I am sure they and I will work you!


Matt G8XYJ