23cm Alinco

Hi all,

Just to let you know the new Alinco tribander is now available, I pre ordered one a while back and it arrived today. First glance the rig looks and has the right feel including a facility for fox hunting.

Only problem is i wont be able to do sota for a week or too yet.

Well at least Mike (blh) wont have to rely on Stuarts memory now hi, (im just as forgetful too).

see ya soon on 23cm

Keith G0OXV

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Pictures onto the Flickr group please. Including all the gubbins in the box.

I’ll have to see about activating a GM/SS summit that’s LOS to NP/LD so we can have an easy S2S on 23cms.


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Mine arrived yesterday (7 July). It is a nice looking rig.
Next will be the test in the hills.
23cm at last after waiting for years.

There is a review of the DJ-G7 in the August edition of Radcom (arrived today).



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Quote from the ‘review’, “No power measurements were made on 23cms”. I’ll bet no QSO’s were tried at 23cms either !! It does’nt really tell you much about 23cms performance does it. I wonder if Nevada will lend me one, I’ll happily give it an airing from a summit or two with its own antenna, and then a yagi !!

Mike G4BLH

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I worked Ross G6GVI (of The Four Metre Website fame) on his and it sounds good. Ross was up on Winter Hill Sunday 12th July and he seems happy with his purchase. He says when he gets time he will put a review on his website. I suspected the audio might have been poor and muffled due it being waterproofed like the Alinco DJ-V17e, which a few of my RAYNET colleagues purchased when on special offer at £89.95 via the RSGB, but it is not. I still think it is overpriced. When they come down to half there present price I will buy two.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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Hi I was thinking of getting the Alinco for 23cm.
How are you finding the radio and what setup do you have for 23cm.

Regards Alan MM0XXP