23cm / 1296MHz. Standard C710.

I fancied trying my hand at microwave SOTA activations / contacts, so (as a starter) I’ve got hold of a Standard C710 triband radio. Everything seems to work okay on it, but I am having the devil’s own job of trying to understand how to program it!
I’ve worked out how to change power, set repeater offsets, etc. but I’ve no idea how to put the frequencies of interest into the memories.
Does anyone know how this is done, or have access to instruction manual please? I’ve searched and there is very little on the interweb about these diminutive radios!
Best wishes,
David. G7BEH.


If it’s like other Standards.

Dial up a frequency
Press and hold func button then press V/M button
Press a number for memory (say 1)
That should program memory one with what is on the display. You should get a long tone to confirm the memory write.

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Thank you so much… you were really close! For this model, I tried what you suggested and the only difference was that I have to press F + V/M to store the chosen channel.

Thanks again,

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There’s nothing new under the sun :slight_smile: Glad to have been of help.

I was amazed that there is almost nothing online about this handheld.